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For many years, nail polish colors has been an important ingredient for women’s beauty. When you do have the right information, you will always know what to do whenever you need to enhance your looks remarkably. Here are some of the 8 top rated nail polish colors in the market: 1. Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in the Coco Suede This nail polish is among the trending brands in the market today. It comes with some of the best colors that matches with a wide range of skin tones and personalities. It dries fast and it will always enable you improve your beauty whenever you need something unique and trendy within the market. With numerous color options, you can always choose what you need whenever you need improve the looks of your nails. 2. OPI Nail Lacquer in the Italian Love Affair This OPI Nail Lacquer is a common nail polish especially among the celebrities. When you have it, it will give you a neutral nude that comes with a pink hue. This has made celebrities like Kim Kardashian to love it whenever you need to add perfect accent to the toe booties. 3. Deborah Lippman Blue Orchid¬† The new Deborah Lippman’s Orchid nail lacquer is one of the trendy nail polish that you can choose when you need to add elegance and looks on your nails. When you have the nails, you will have a wide range of choice in terms of the dresses or jeans that you would wear. They give you freedom to choose from a wide range of options that you may need whenever you need the best options. This should make you look amazing especially when you need something special and stylish. 4. Essie Fall in Line nail polish¬† This “Fall in Line” nail polish has some of the funky colors that you do not want to miss whenever you need the best options. When you have it, it would give that classic color that will make you look elegant whenever you need to enhance your style. 5. Zoya Pepper The Zoya’s polishes often shows a sign of love for those people who would like to give themselves a taste. The dark red polish can always transform your looks when need to appear modern. It will always give you a dark red shade thus making an amazing nail polish for the winter. 6. JINsoon Tess Giberson Nocturne The JINsoon Tess Giberson nail polish often comes with a nocturne and gunmetal dark grey that many women love. This dark polish will always match your skin tone especially those women with dark skin tones. This should make it an amazing nail polish for women. 7. Tom Ford Nail Laquer with Toasted Sugar The nail polish mainly works for those women who may want to improve their natural skin color to match their nail polish. When you have it on your nails, it would always make them to look long and lacquered at the same time making them look stronger. 8. Essie Nail Color in the Bordeaux This is a neutral, rich, and deep red color nail polish that many women prefer today. When you have it, you will get a classic twist to make you look more sexy and beautiful. The above information should educate you on the 8 top rated nail polish colors in the market today.

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