Pretty Nail Designs Are Now More Trendier Than Ever!

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In recent years, the meaning of manicure has radically changed. Classic color names such as ballet-slipper pink and pillar box red painted nails, were once a symbol of adult elegance and sophistication. New trends in nail fashion have turned the market on its head with unpredictable colors such as moss green, neon tangerine and steel gray dominating. Nails have now become high fashion and all the rules are being broken by a new generation of ladies who love to express their individuality. Pretty nail designs have now become an expression of creativity, humor and fashion.

Some of the most popular trends of manicures that are still simple, sophisticated and classy are neutral colors. These may include several different discreet shades that are similar to skin tones. Metallic shades are very big because they are powerful and most outfits can be worn with either gold or silver. Colors of the wild jungle, warm desert or tropical fruit are also in great demand. Watermelon, mango or kiwi nails will transform your summer fashion sense.

Nail art, which often includes the lengthening of extensions and the gluing on of pretty nail designs has quickly become big business worldwide. Although the fixing of tiny stickers and jewels to your nails, had its beginnings in your local small town salons, it has become a huge favorite of celebrities. They often have their manicures custom designed to suit the particular occasion or event they may be attending.

Instagram is popular for postings of famous nail designs. Patriotic nail art was seen everywhere at the last Olympics, almost as if it too was competing. The nail art trend seems to have been pioneered in the city of London, where young entrepreneurs have pushed the boundaries and been responsible for several of the most eye-catching manicures published in magazines. Everyone loves strawberries and so strawberry pretty nail varnish has become a popular trend. Painting your nails red, adding a few white dots and with green leaves along the tip, will get you Strawberry nails.

The half-moon manicure is an updated version of the ever popular and more traditional French manicure. This is done by painting the base of the nail half-moon with a contrasting color. Lovers of vibrant nail colors and designs will enjoy these new fresh styles. Most girls work very hard to maintain head to toe beauty. It takes all the tricks and tips that are available to get the best results. Previously, only rebels and teenagers wore black nail varnish. This color has now come to symbolize creativity, independence, and freedom. Black nail varnish is now worn by every modern woman.

Vintage nail varnishes consisting of soft pastel shades in which you paint either polka dots or bows are pretty nail designs. They look so cute you feel you have to try them out. The new nail polishes dry quickly, are soft to the touch and make your nails look perfectly polished. Acrylic nail designs have become an enormously popular subject and developing trendier and more stylish designs are ongoing. Creative entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with patterns that are more popular than the previous ones and this does not appear to be slowing down any time soon.

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