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7 Amazing & Gorgeous Nail Design Ideas

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Painting your nails in a regular, not-so-interesting color is totally old-fashioned today, which means that you need to be more creative and look for spectacular nail design ideas that will definitely improve the appearance of your hands. From interesting patterns to bold, flamboyant colors, there are plenty of nail designs you can try, and as long as you have a couple of essential tools, the process should not be that overwhelming, regardless of how complex the nail art you have chosen. Check out our amazing nail design ideas below.

1. Music Notes

If you are a big music lover, why don’t you paint your nail with attractive music notes? Paint your nails using a light color, preferably whitewash. With a thin nail art brush and black nail polish, draw three horizontal lines close to the nail tip. Use the same brush to create gorgeous music notes on the lines. Finish with a top coat.

2. Candy Cane

To create a wonderful candy cane pattern, you will only need a red and a white nail polish, plus a top coat. Paint your nails using either of the nail polishes, then use the other to create 3-4 diagonal lines. For the thumb nail, try drawing three thicker lines, and three thinner ones in between them. Apply top coat, and you’re done.

3. Splatter

Splatters are very cute nail designs, so why don’t you ditch your regular French manicure and try one? Paint your nails using soft pink, then create splatters using a light blue nail polish. Continue with splatters made using purple nail polish, and finish with dots of sparkly dark blue.

4. Animal-Printed Hearts

A combination between animal prints and hearts will be a great design idea that will make your nails look superb. Paint your nails with light, matte pink. Use a soft brush to draw a couple of pinker hearts positioned randomly, as well as a few dots in between them. Draw their contour with red-pink nail polish just like if they were animal prints. Finish with top coat.

5. Swirls

Swirls can be cool nail designs if you choose gorgeous colors. To make one, paint your nails with whitewash nail polish. Pick three different nail polishes: a reddish one, a candy pink one and a magenta one. Put one dot of each color in the center of the nail, then use a dotting tool to swirl them. When you’re done, put some dots around to hide flaws, and finish with top coat.

6. Minion

Ever watched “Despicable Me”? If yes, you will surely love this cute nail design. Paint your nails with a yellow base. Use a black stripper to create the goggle straps, then make the goggle rim in the center using a silver nail polish. Use a dotting tool and white polish to make the white of the eye. Use a black stripper to create the pupil of a minion, then use a stripper to create his hair.

7. Bow

Take the initiative with this bow nail design. Apply a base coat, followed by a whitewash nail polish. Draw five dots in black: one close to the cuticles in the center of the nail, and the other four around it, to create an “X” shape. Connect the dots, then fill in the bow with black. Do the tip of your nail using the same black nail polish – try to keep the line quite thin, but not too much so. Create three more dots vertically in between the bow and the tip, let it dry, then finish with top coat.

3 Gorgeous Toe Nail Designs For An Amazing Pedicure

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Though you might not be wearing sandals or open-toe shoes all the time, caring for your toe nails should be part of your beauty routine. Simply painting them using a color like blue or pink is not going to make them look spectacular, which is why you should definitely consider ditching it in favor of some gorgeous toe nail designs instead. Whether we talk about a sailor pattern or a palm tree, there are dozens of pretty toe nail designs you can opt for. If you are unsure of which one to choose, we compiled a list of amazing pedicure ideas you can use at the beach.

1. Blue and White Pattern

When it comes to beach toe nail designs, blue and white should be the primary colors to consider using. For this particular design, you will need the following: a dark blue polish, a white polish, a red polish, a dotting tool and some thin scotch tape. Apply a base coat, then paint your nails using the white polish. Let it dry thoroughly. Place two very thin pieces of scotch tape across the nails vertically – one closer to the nail base, and the other one closer to the tip. Apply the dark blue polish, then remove the scotch tape. Once everything is settled, use the dotting tool to draw a small heart in red near the right corner of each nail. Finish with top coat.

2. Starfish

Starfish can make any toe nail design stand out, and for this reason, you should try it yourself as well. You will need: a light blue or turquoise polish, a white polish, and a light orange one, plus a dotting tool and thin brush. Start with the base coat, then apply two coats of the light blue or turquoise polish. To make the ensemble more spectacular, we suggest sprinkling some silver glitter on top right after you paint your nails. Let it dry. Using the thin brush and light orange polish, draw a star shape on each nail, filling them with the same color. Once it dries, use the dotting tool to put some white dots on the star. Finish with top coat, and your starfish nail toe design is done.

3. Anchor

If you are looking for cute toe nail designs, an anchor can be the best option for your needs. For this particular design idea, you will need a light turquoise polish, a white polish, a black polish, a thin brush and some thin pieces of scotch tape (similar to #1). Apply a base coat, then paint all toe nails using the light turquoise polish, and only the ring finger nail with white polish. Let it dry, then put two very thin pieces of scotch tape on the ring finger nail vertically, leaving even distances between them and the tip/base of the nail. Paint with turquoise polish, remove the scotch tape and let everything dry. Using the thin nail brush and black polish, draw an anchor on the ring finger nail. If you do not have enough precision, choose a toothpick instead. Finish with top coat, and you are done.

Learning How to Do Nail Art in a Few Simple Steps

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If you want to look beautiful always, you should be prepared to make the necessary effort. Some looks come naturally but others have to be cultivated and enhanced constantly. Nail art has emerged to be one way through which women can maintain an elegant and classy look without spending too much on it. The beauty of nail art is that it does not necessarily have to be done in salons and beauty spas; it can be done from the comfort of your own house.  Right from your house, you can create your own designs, try them out and accomplish your desired look within no time.  Learning how to do nail art is the right place to start.

Clean your nails

Nail art should be done on clean nails. Indeed this is the most crucial step if you want to look elegant afterwards. This means that you need to remove old polish still appearing on your nails. The process of removing old polish is simple as all you require is a polish remover and a piece of cotton wool. If you do not have a polish remover, you can use methylated spirit as it is known to deliver similar results. Ensure that every bit of the polish is removed leaving the nails in their natural condition. The basic essence of clean nails is to give you a smooth surface on which to work on. Unclean nails often leave bumps which might spoil the final outlook of the designs.

Tidy up your nails

Before you start, it is crucial to ensure that your nails have been well trimmed and filed. Shape the nails in the most fanciful way you can but to do make trim them too much. For best results, it is important that your nails be relatively longer so that you can have adequate nail space to work on. For those with nails that are too short, there are always other options including the use of fake one or plastic stickers.

First coat

Like any basic makeup, you have to apply the base coat. This coat usually comes in a clear color and is meant to offer a protective coat to your nails. Your nails are delicate and they can sometimes be stained by nail art materials. After applying the base coat, give adequate time to your nails to dry. Do not touch it or rub against any surface. Always go for the type of base coat that you find desirable. The color of the base however is to be determined by your desired outcome. If you want to have shimmering results, it is always important to consider using clear or watery base coat.

Choose the design

This is the most important step and also the most laborious. If you want to learn how to do nail art, you have to get the designs right. Do not go for complicated designs just because they look good on others, start small then progress to other designs when you have gained more experience. According to nail experts, there are several designs that you can choose from but for meticulous results some require experienced hands.  For a start however, it is advisable that you commence with two colors that you find most preferable. You can use a manicure sticker to help you create the desired shapes. After applying the paint on the nail remove the sticker before it dries up. If you find the applied design desirable, allow it to dry and then apply a clear coat on top. This is the basic process and you can use it even when doing complicated nail arts.


Useful Nail Art Tutorial

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You do not have to be a nail art professional to churn out some breathtaking nail art designs. With an imaginative mind and the right tools, you can go far. Looking good is an art and it does not hurt to learn a trick or two. For those who have always thought that nail art is hard and time consuming, nothing can be further from the truth; it is a simple and interesting process and there is always a room to make it perfect. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced hand, the following tutorial should leave you more informed.

Steady hands

The best nail art designs are often carried out with steady hands. However, this is not a precondition. To get past this hiccup, if you have unsteady hands, you can use a number of options at your exposure. For instance, instead of using thick brushes you can go for thin brushes with a longer handle. A longer handle often gives an individual more control. You can also use nail stickers and splatter nails until you can finally muster enough expertise to give you nails a more professional finish. It is also crucial that you understand the importance of applying a basecoat and a top coat. It is crucial that these two coats dry adequately to avoid messing up the final outcome.

Clean nails

The trick to amazing results when it comes to nail art is to do it on clean nails. Clean the nails and remover all traces of previous polish using a polish remover. This helps get rid of any stubborn oil making the design to last for long. You can also buff the nails using a foam buffer so as to give the nails a smooth surface. Use a nail file to give the nails a sharp and elegant edge.

Starter designs

As a beginner, it is important to stick to what you can handle. Some of the nail art designs you see around require experienced hand. Unless you have a professional assisting you in the first steps, you should try simple designs. For instance, a heart is easy to draw and you can do it even with the most basic skills. All you need is to two dots next to each other then draw a V to connect the dots and shape it like a heart. For more complicated designs you are advised to use stickers and to stick to the colors you are comfortable with.

One nail at a time

As a novice, you cannot afford to gamble with your nails and your polish. Also polish comes in cheap, it is always advisable to be frugal. Remember you are still learning and hence it is more prudent to practice with one nail at a time. You should have your polish remover ready just in case you need to start all over again. Most of the ladies that get it wrong when it comes to nail art do so because of impatience and unsteady hands. While the remedy for unsteady hands has already been mentioned, patience has to be cultivated. The beauty of this task is that it is done one step at a time and there are endless opportunities to learn and improve. Some experts often say that you have twenty nails to try on and by the time you are done you should have learnt a lot. The most important thing to understand is that there are specific tools and skills needed for every design. If you have the right brushes and colors, it is easy to create these designs. For the rest of the steps, this nail art tutorial and others should get you started.

Nail Art Supplies Shopping Guide

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Nail art is in vogue and if you want to look your best it is important that you invest in it.  Well trimmed nails with beautiful decorations signify a person mindful of their appearance and aesthetic sensibility. You may be having nicely cut and velvety looking nails but you can always trust nail art to give you that professional and exquisite look you have always been yearning for. However, immense effort should be employed to ensure that your nail art supplies are safe, healthy and appropriate for you.

Variety of nail art

Nail art comes in different styles and any interested buyer should decide depending on their tastes and also the nature of their work. Nail stickers are some of the most preferred styles of nail art as they can be applied easily and also removed.  These stickers come in several designs but the most common are vinyl and appliqués. For the appliqués, they are first dipped in water then applied to the nails and covered with a clear polish as the final coat. The same case is done with the vinyl stick-ons although they require longer time after the application of the top coat. To look your best, it is essential that you pay attention to the designs and the images appearing on the stickers.

For those ladies looking for extended nail lengths, you can give fake nails a try. The difference between fake nails and the stickers is that the fake nails are rigid and are made from plastic unlike the stickers that are made of thin materials. You can either have long fake nails or you can trim them to fit the size of your nails. If you want to lengthen your nails further, you can do so with nail tips. They are also made of plastic and come with sticking adhesive.

Nail polishes

Nail polishes come in different kinds and they serve a variety of purposes. For the best nail art, it is crucial to pick the right polish for your skin tone and also for the texture of your nails. Polish comes in a variety of colors and textures. If you are a novice in nail art, it is always crucial to seek the assistance of a professional when picking the most appropriate nail polish.

Brushes and pens

One of the most important nail art supplies is the brush. Like most other accessories, it comes in different varieties. The choice of each type of a brush is dependent on the desired design of the nail art. Thin brushes are preferred for thin stripes while the shorter ones are the most appropriate for detail painting. The extra-thick brushes are better where the user wants to apply color to the entire nail. For beginners, it is always advisable to purchase a set of brushes that has a variety of brushes as it makes it easier to tryout many designs before finally settling on one.

The pens come in two varieties; there is the felt tip and the two-way pen. For the felt tip, the user has to press down to apply the color. For the two-way, it comes with two sides one having a long brush and the other one having a pointed nib. The two-way pens are the most preferable for thin lines while the felt tip is better for thick lines. There is no standard price for any of the aforementioned nail art supplies as most of them are dependent on the brand. If you opt to go for the quality brands you should always to pay extra albeit with improved results.