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How to Find the Best Black Nail Designs

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Nail art design becomes very popular among many people these days. Many people want to have beautiful black nail designs for themselves. You are able to improve your overall beauty when you decorate your nails with beautiful designs. There are some useful tips that you can follow, so you can design your nail easily. Black is chosen as a famous color in the nail art design because this color can match to all skin types. Keep reading this article to find out some useful tips on how you can create the best nail design for yourself easily and quickly. 

1. Look on the Internet for getting inspiration

This is the easiest way that you can do, so you can find the best design for your nail. When you browse on the Internet, you are able to find out some great nail art designs easily. There are some great websites that you can visit, for example Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and many other fashion websites. You are able to find out some new trends in the nail art industry. You can also watch some videos on YouTube when you want to get inspiration from the Internet easily. You should be able to find the right design that you like quickly. 

2. Buy your favorite nail polish

If you want to create the best black nail designs, you need to choose the best nail polish that can stay on your nail for long period of time. There are some high quality nail polishes that are available today. You also need to find some other color options that are available today. Black is a neutral color that can be combined with other colors, such as white, red, pink, green, and many other beautiful colors. White can be the best color for improving your black nail art. The combination of black and white can improve the overall look of your nails. 

3. Get some cute characters

When it is necessary, you can find some cute characters or designs for your nail art. You can use these characters for improving the overall look of your nails. You can also use any patterns for your nail art, for example zebra pattern, floral, curved stripes, polka dots, and many other patterns. It is a good idea to choose the right pattern that is good for your needs. You are able to play around with these designs, characters, or patterns, so you can get the best nail art design easily. 

They are some useful tips on how you can create good black nail designs easily. Finding the right design for your nail should not be a complicated task to do. It is a good idea to decorate your nails based on your preferences and needs. Don’t forget to prepare all essential tools, for example nail polishes, nail brush, pen, and many other important tools. These tools can help you accelerate the design process. When you choose the right beautiful nail art design for yourself, you should be able to improve your overall look and beauty easily.

5 Tips On How to Apply Diamond Nails

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Diamond nails are very pretty to look at, but they are also the kind of nails that look tacky if not applied properly. This is because diamond nail art designs use a lot of decals, accents and accessories, and using these things require a lot of artistic skill as well as a lot of nail polish experience. 

In fact, most nail designs that use one or two simple color patterns don’t work too well when applied using diamond styles. So if you’re planning to use some of your own unique diamond nail designs on your nails, then you better try them out on paper first. This way, you’ll be able to see if they are actually as good as you imagine them to be. 

So if you want to have awesome diamond nails, here are a few other ideas that will help you to create them. 

Choose Your Design 

When experimenting with diamond nail art, you need to select that type of design that you want to get. For example, the most basic form of diamond nail art is to simply draw a diamond onto your nails with whatever bright colored nail polish you want to use. However, this approach is not very original, and you’re much better off using accents, decals or stamping in creating your diamond shapes and images onto your nails. 

Different Styles for Each Nail 

Unlike many other nail styles, diamond styles thrive on variety. For example, you can have a diamond shape on a plain background on your thumb nail, an intricately patterned diamond on another nail and a white diamond on a black background on the third nail. Diamond nails are meant to be showy, so go ahead and try as many patterns as you dare. Just remember to apply the base coat (the nail polish color of your choice) carefully. 

Use the Right Tools When Creating Your Diamonds 

Since we’re talking about diamond nails, it’s important to use the right tools for the job. To create diamond patterns onto your nails, you will need to use a thin nail brush. You may also need a little glitter, some gloss top coating and a few accessories. Glitter and glossy polish, for example, are very useful in giving a particular design that extra shine that makes so many diamond nails so special.

Combine Good Colors With Your Diamonds

There are a lot of good colors for diamond nails. Pink, for example, is a good base polish, and the same is true for black. In certain cases, even blue can be used to create a nice, cool diamond design on your nails. So try to experiment with as many different colors as you like. 

Use A Cute Design

Diamond nails look really good when painted in a cute way. For example, you can add stripes or polka dots on your nails to further enhance the beauty of the diamond. Another option is to use diamond shapes on certain fingers while painting patterns, bows and other designs on your other nails, thus creating a more diverse design for your nails. Don’t be afraid to experiment with cute patterns and images. Diamond nails are not meant to be serious. They’re meant to attract.

Keeping Up With Fall Nail Designs

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Fashion trends change with each season. Fortunately, people who want to keep up with the latest fashions have more access to the information that they will need in order to accommodate the new changes. Since the advent of the Internet, people all over the United States and abroad can follow the trends in clothing, shoes, hairstyles and even nail designs. This is also why people who want to know what to wear on their nails this fall will keep up with the latest trends. Many of which will be viewing reputable sites that help with communicating this information properly to the people who are interested.

With the trends of fall 2014, various kinds of innovative nail designs are being featured, These trends will not only affect professional manicurists, but also people who are at home that want to duplicate what they see as well as what they can create. Therefore, there are some basics things that each individual should know and they include simple fashion statements that sport various kinds of graphics as well as add-ons. People who are the most adventurous will enjoy these type of fall nail designs since they are focused on being creative with every outfit that an individual wears. For instance, if the individual is preparing for a casual event with co-workers in an informal setting, they may choose to wear a set of nails that features petals as their nail designs. Or, they may want to make a relatively plain black outfit more exciting by wearing nails designs enhanced with 3D accents. Regardless to the outfit and the preference, there are many different creative ways to wear nails during this season.

Knowing what is on the top of the new fall nail design season’s list and why may not be as hard to identify today, Specifically, because there are numerous sites on YouTube that can assist with providing the information that people need. With some of the top professionals in the business, people have access to tutorials that will tell the individual how to create special designs from start to finish. For instance, because gel nails are also an essential part of this fashion trend, the information that the tutorials may provide usually contain videos that will show exactly how each step is done and what kind of nail polish is needed. In some cases, the person may create the design that they like with one stroke artwork. On the other hand, when the individual has a desire to do something more complex and creative, they may look for various kinds of images to add to the top of the nail. Each design that people create may be different so the tools used are normally unique as well.

Though fashion trends change each season, people who want to stay in the know usually follow different industries so that they will know what to expect. One dominating industry in many settings involves nail trends. The trends this fall allows people to have quite a bit of freedom because of creativity and the tools that’s needed to make the newer designs.

How to Create DIY Nail Stickers

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Nail stickers are pretty awesome, but did you know that you could create them on your own? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the whole process is actually quite easy, and can be done with a few items around the house. So if you want to create your own custom nail stickers, then here’s what you need to do. 

Step 1 

To create your own nail stickers, you will require the following items: 

– Two or Three Contrasting Nail Polishes 
– A Zip Lock Bag
– A Top Coat
– A Pair of Scissors
– A Tweezer 

Step 2 

Now, that you have your tools, the next thing that you’ll need to do is to paint each nail polish color onto your zip lock bag. Make sure that each batch of painted polish is roughly the same size as your nails. They also need to be rather thick, so that they won’t tear apart later on. When you’re finished, leave them there to dry for 10 to 12 hours. 

Step 3 

Once each batch of painted polish has dried, gently peel them off the surface of your zip lock bag using your tweezers. After you’re done, take your scissors and cut out whatever pattern, shape or symbols you want for your DIY nail stickers. For example, if you want to create a nail sticker that features a star, then what you need to do is to cut out a star from one of your dried nail polish, while creating a star silhouette on the other. The idea here is that both nail polish patterns fit into each other, thus creating a perfect pattern for your nails. 

Step 4 

Now, that you have your patterns, the next thing that you will have to work on are your base colors. Choose a color that you like, and paint it onto the surface of your nails. Also, make sure that your base colors complement the colors of your dried stickers. 

Once the nail polish has dried on your nails, it’s time to apply your dried stickers. So apply your cut out stickers gently onto your nails, into a pattern of your choice. Wait for them to dry before trimming away excess strips of polish that go outside the borders of your nails. 

Step 5

Finally, add some glossy top coat on your nails to keep the stickers in place, and that’s basically it. Congratulations. You’ve created your very own DIY nail stickers. 

Additional Reminders 

Keep in mind that this process is not always easy for beginners. Like most artistic projects, it takes quite a bit of practice to create the exceptional looking nail sticker, which is why you should start with very simple patterns. Later, when you’ve gotten used to the process, you can try other nail sticker variants. 

Creating nail stickers is a relatively easy process, and it allows you to experiment with various patterns and colors. So if you’ve never had the chance to create your very own stickers, then go ahead and give them a try. You’ll be surprised at how fun the whole process can be.

4 Tips That Will Enhance Your Pink Nail Designs

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One of the best things about pink nail designs is that they are for fun, outgoing women who want to project a happy appearance to the world around them. Pink is just a fun, exciting color. However it’s also the kind of color that has the tendency to become garishly ugly if applied badly. 

This is why you should always be careful when applying pink on your nails. Pink needs subtlety in order to look beautiful. So if you need help choosing a design for your own nails, then here are several tips for you to think about. 

Use Different Shades of Pink 

Pink has many shades, and you should pick the ones that look good on your nails. Some shades of pink, for example, almost look red, which makes them an ideal option for women who don’t like the garish appearance of more traditional shades of pink. On the other hand, there are also shades of pink that look distinctly pink, and these shades should be used in a tasteful, subtle manner in order to make your nails attractive without making the color too obvious. So in choosing a good pink nail design for your nails, don’t forget to consider the shade of pink that you want to use. 

Complimentary Colors 

Pink nail polish is compatible with all kinds of other colors, including black, red, orange, yellow and several shades of green. This is one of the reasons why pink nail designs incorporate more secondary colors than most other types of nail polish. For example, you can combine dark shades of pink with red nail polish in order to paint red and pink stripes over your nails. On the other hand, you can use bright shades of pink with certain shades of blue and green to create random contrasting patterns on your nail. So in choosing your design, try to experiment with as many different color combinations as you like. You’ll be surprised at how versatile pink nail designs can be. 

Silhouettes, Symbols and Shapes

Silhouettes offer a lot of interesting pink nail designs. You can, for example, paint a pink silhouette of a bird, an esoteric symbol or even a famous logo onto your nails. Furthermore, pink silhouettes of special patterns and shapes can be used to create retro designs on your nails. If you like foreign scripts, you can even paint pink Chinese and Arabic character onto your nails, thus giving them a more esoteric flavor. These designs are not exactly unique, but they are quite fun and you can use them as a conversation starter at casual events. 


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that a lot of pink nail designs use accessories to further enhance their beauty. Glitter, stickers and even nail jewelry can all be used as accessories to help enhance the beauty of your pink nails. Some pink nail designs, for example, look really good with glitter, while other designs work best with small bits of fake diamonds. So if you really want your nails to sparkle then you should try adding a few extra accessories on your pink nails.

Acrylic Nails FAQ: 5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Yours

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Acrylic nails have become a fashionable trend among women from all over the world. Besides their convenience, acrylics are typically ideal if you are working in a place where your hands receive a lot of attention, or if you’re planning to attend a special event, such as a party. There are many reasons why you might want to get acrylics – perhaps you cannot possibly restrain yourself from biting your nails, or maybe you are not satisfied with how your nails look. Before you schedule a beauty session, we suggest considering the following questions – and their answers -, so you can better understand whether acrylic nail designs are right for you.

1. What are acrylic nails?
To answer the most frequent question you might have, acrylic nails are probably the toughest semi-permanent nail extensions available. In most cases, acrylic nails need to be filled in every two or three weeks as your nails grow, but if you are harder on them, you might consider seeing your manicurist more often. The application of acrylics involves using a sable brush with either liquid or powder, and they can be applied either over your natural nails, or sculptured. Once applied, they harden immediately after coming into contact with air.

2. Does it hurt to get acrylic nails?
Considering how they are applied, getting acrylics is not painful, especially if the process is performed by an experienced technician. Before you decide to go to the salon and get them, you can consider asking the technician about the steps involved in the process, or eventually ask if you can observe everything while working with other clients.

3. Can I get fungal infections from wearing acrylics?
When it comes to the safety risk of acrylic nails, there are a couple of aspects you should be considerate towards. In the first place, the acrylics themselves will not cause any infection as long as they are applied and maintained correctly. Many women are mistaking “water moles,” which are green or tan in appearance, for a fungal infection. Water moles usually occur when moisture gets trapped in between the acrylic and nail bed, or when the acrylics are not filled in every two or three weeks as instructed by your technician. Though they are not a threatening disease or condition, water moles should be treated on time to prevent complications.

4. Can I choose the acrylic nail design I want?
There are plenty of cute acrylic nail designs available for you to try, so you will never have to feel limited when you go to the salon to get them. Once applied, acrylic nails can be painted as desired just like if you were to paint your natural nails. Acrylic nail art is extremely popular and fashionable at this time, so you can inspire yourselves from other sources or ask your manicurist/technician to show you previous acrylic nail designs she has created.

5. What is the difference between acrylic nails and gel nails?
Many women might find it quite difficult to choose between acrylic and gel nails, particularly because they do not understand the differences between them. First and foremost, gel nails are applied using gel nail polish, though the process is quite similar to that of acrylics. Another notable difference between the two is that gel nails are odorless and can resist chipping and lifting, which is critical for those women who work with their hands in the water, including hairstylists, manicurists and nurses. Gel nails can also offer the natural nails a more authentic appearance, without making them look like they would be weighed down. Acrylics, on the other hand, are stronger and more rigid, and they are much better for women with longer nails.

Why Do Women Prefer Gel Nails Over Acrylics? Top 5 Reasons

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Gel nails have always been one of the most popular semi-permanent nail enhancements available, enabling women to successfully make their manicure look more attractive and avoid inconveniences caused by chips or cracked nails. Though acrylics are still a tough competitor, there are several reasons why women go for gel nails with designs instead – beyond their flexibility and durability, this type of nail extensions are not likely to cause water moles, and they look much more natural. So why is this type of nail enhancements so popular? Find out the reasons below.

They Look More Natural
One of the primary benefits of gel nails is their natural look. To apply them, your manicurist will use a special base coat on your nails to create a natural and healthy look that does not give away any falsity. Furthermore, since no artificial nail pieces or other elements are needed, your gel-based nails are going to be versatile with our without nail polish. Once you have them applied, you will be free to create beautiful nail designs for gel nails at home using top-notch gel polish.

They Strengthen and Condition Natural Nails
One of the primary reasons why many women ditch acrylics in favor of gel nails is their ability to strengthen and condition natural nails. To have acrylics applied, your nails need to be buffed and filled in, which will prevent them from growing healthily. On the other hand, gel-based nails do not need such a treatment, thus enabling your natural nails to grow and become much stronger over time.

Hundreds of Color Options Available
Though most regular nail polishes work quite good with this type of nails, companies like Gelish and Lomasi have created countless shades that can be used to achieve a gorgeous look. As such, you will be able to browse through a very wide range of colors and pick the best for your tastes, so you can get wonderful gel nails with designs that will improve the appearance of your manicure substantially. If you are planning to get creative with the designs, you can inspire yourself from a variety of gel nails designs ideas available all over the Internet and watch various how-to videos that will guide you through each step, letting you make the most of your manicure.

They Can Be Easily Removed
One particular aspect women love about gel manicure is the fact that this nail enhancement can be easily removed at any point. Thankfully, this can be done either at a salon or at home by submersing your nails in gel nail polish remover for a few minutes, then gently scrap the gel using a nail stick. The process is quick and painless, which will make your experience definitely more enjoyable.

They Work with Both Regular and Gel Nail Polish
When you decide to go to a salon to get gel-based nails, the manicurist/technician will first apply a special base coat that creates the gel effect. One the special base coat is cured, polish can be put on. The best part is that gel nails work perfectly with both regular and special gel nail polish, which will permit you to create the best gel nails design each and every time.

Halloween Nail Art Ideas that Will Make You the Talk of the Neighborhood

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 Undoubtedly, Halloween is one of the most interesting seasons of the year. All the fun and spooky games people play, the endless pranks, joy, and laughter makes this a period to remember. This Halloween, if you want to take the game a notch higher, and to appear as spooky as ever, you can try a few Halloween nail art ideas. You do not have to invest a lot although it rewards handsomely if you are a bit experienced in nail art. There are tens of ideas you can try out and although some of them might appear to be out of reach for an average person, they are worth a try.

Fangs and claws

The idea is to look as spooky as possible. Nothing can better achieve this than fangs drawn on your nails. You may think that this is hard to accomplish but it is not. You start by applying a base coat. You can make the base shimmery so that the rest of the art is easily visible. Make the drawings with a thin brush and draw two small triangles with the thin edge facing downwards. They should not be too long as you have to draw the blood. With a red brush, drop a few dots at the bottom tip of the fangs and give it adequate time to dry. The key is to make it look real and interesting. If you want it to spice it up, you should wear an outfit that compliments the fang-like nail art.


Even in the absence of fancy nail art, a drawing of a spider web on a jacket always gives a creepy feeling. When you add this to well done nail art, it completes the spooky look. This is easily achievable as you only need a brush and several colors of polish. Start with any solid base of your choosing. You can opt for blue or purple as you need a brighter color to draw the webs. Draw three diagonal lines and then make tiny half circles to give an image of a web. If you want to make it more unique and appealing, you can draw funny skulls on two of the fingers.  This might be a hard stunt to pull off and you might require an experienced hand. Ensure that skulls are clearly visible and the base and the overcoat are of the same color to that of the spider web.

Blood splash

A Halloween without blood splatters is not one worth mentioning. There are tens of ways you can accomplish this but you need to create a pattern that is believable and equally spooky. Apply the base coat on your and ensure that the nails are long enough so as to make it creepy. If your nails are not of the desired length, you should consider using fake nails. The longer the nails, the easier it is to apply the polish and the more believable it becomes. With a thick red brush, create an image of blood sprays on your nails but do not follow any particular pattern. One finger should have uneven splashes while others should have thick or thin splashes.  The choice of the colors should also be different. While on some fingers you have thick red, others should have very light red almost bordering on maroon.

Halloween comes once a year and it is important that you strive to make the best out of it. Halloween nail art comes in handy if you want to have a memorable night. The list of the ideas that you can take up is endless but you can always trust the above mentioned to get you ahead of the pack.

Nails 101: Tips and Tricks for Making Your French Manicure Stand Out

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French manicure is probably the most popular type of nail art that has ever existed, specifically due to its unique flair that inspires femininity and elegance. Though the classic white-tip manicure is still fashionable today, most women prefer using colorful nail polishes to make their fingernails stand out and look more gorgeous. However, there are still many things you probably do not know about the French nail art – for instance, did you know that you can always ditch the neutral base in favor of clear nail polish? When time is insufficient, this trick can be a lifesaver indeed. Here are our top DIY tips and tricks for making beautiful French nails.

1. Ditch the Old-Fashioned White
When it comes to this type of manicure, the white tip is the most important part of the ensemble. But who says you cannot make your nails look more spectacular and trendy without having to give up the feminine flair inspired by this manicure? Ditch the old-fashioned white and go for a more vibrant, flamboyant color, such as cobalt blue or candy pink. However, you must be extremely careful to the base that you choose. If you went for a cooler shade for the tip, such as blue or green, you can keep the neutral base. On the other hand, opting for warmer colors will leave you with no other option than choosing a clear base.

2. Let the Polish Curve with Your Natural Nail
In French manicure, the white line at the tip of the nail is typically straight, which can make your nails look substantially smaller. To make them appear longer instead, let the nail polish curve with the shape of your natural nail. In other words, paint the tip only to the line where the naturally-white part of your nail meets the neutral one.

3. Clear Polish, Your Lifesaver
Have you ever found yourself in the situation of wanting French nail design so badly, but not having enough time to make it? Defining the tips of your nails with white polish, waiting for it to dry, applying the neutral base, waiting for it to dry as well, and then finishing with top coat – the whole process can take longer than half an hour, and if you want to get a spa feel with massages, nail soaks and exfoliants, this is going to take much longer. Here is our tip: start with the white tip and finish with clear nail polish instead of the neutral base. No matter who you want to color your tip, this trick is always going to work, and since most clear polishes are completely dry in under 5-7 minutes, your manicure will be saved without compromising its look.

4. Silver Nail Polish Does It All
Are you bored of the old-fashioned French nail design with white tip and neutral base? Much to your delight, there are countless options you can choose to make your nails more appealing, and the silver polish is definitely going to be a great thing for you. What about dark blue tips, enhanced with a very thin line of silver nail polish and finished with clear polish? Or perhaps a typical white tip enhanced with a thin line of silver polish, and sheer pink for the base? Whatever design you choose, don’t forget to use silver polish – you will be glad you did.