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4 Top Trends in 2014 Nail Designs

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Is nail art dead? Have we seen the last of beautifully crafted nails? Well, the truth is that the art is not even close to fading away. If 2014 nail designs is anything to go with, we can categorically state that nail art has become more alive than ever. This is evident from the rising number of people adopting the practice, increasing designs, as well as overwhelming reviews. 2014 has seen many trendy designs find their way into the world of nail art fashion. However, the following are the most notable trends:


1. Nature Takes Over

Of late, talk about living in a greener and cleaner environment has been quite rife. This is being witnessed both online as well as offline. Well, the world of nail art has also not been left behind. As matter of fact, it seems to be playing a leading role. A close observation of the trends in 2014 reveals that people were attracted to natural forms as well as colors. Green seemed to be the preferred color of choice for many people. Natural designs and images such as leaves, twigs, and more were also popular.


2. Contrasting Colors Make A Come Back

A few years back, people seemed to be attracted to bright colors that created contrast. Nonetheless, the trend died and people opted to use matching colors and designs. This created more harmony and balance. But, 2014 nail designs reveal that contrasting colors are back in the scene. Many people prefer combining bright and contrasting colors. For instance, bright red color matched with dark green, pink matched with dark blue, orange and green top the list of choices.


3. Lunar Shapes Become the In thing

Nail art features a broad range of designs and patterns. In fact, there are so many such that they cannot all be noted down. Moon-related shapes and patterns were trending in the year. The shapes included half moon, crescent, and more. Other shapes that took centre stage in 2014 included star designs. There was a preference for each fingernail to have its own unique shape.


4. Matte Topcoats Rise in Popularity

The common practice was to come up with dynamic designs then use vibrant colors. Thereafter, a coat of clear gloss was applied with the aim being to bring out a sparkle. Well, in 2014, people appeared to prefer matte topcoats instead of the usual, high gloss topcoats. The polish shades were also much calmer and less striking. This brought out a more relaxed and laid back appeal. Such designs are quite suitable for both formal as well as informal settings.


Nail art has been around for quite some time. However, it is in the last decade that the technique has been most vibrant. Long gone and forgotten are the days when the nail designs were limited to only a few. In the modern world, the technique has become a normal practice. This has seen the much younger as well as older generation take-up the fashion. And if the trends observed in 2014 nail designs is anything to go with, then we are yet to see the last of this beautiful work of art.

Black and White Nail Designs

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If you have never experienced the most loved combination, just go for black and white nail design. This is an art which looks good and goes with any outfit.

Types of black and white nail designs

The following are some of the best black and white nail arts which you can choose from:

1. Abstract nail art design

This is one of the designs which look best in black and white combination. The art is created by painting the nails in white and adding a few strokes and dots in black.

2. Freehand nail design

The nail art looks gorgeous in black and white combination. You can paint butterflies using black and white colors. Alternatively, you can add white flowers over black or vise versa. This can be done by painting white colors on your nails. After the white colors have been dried up, you can paint black branches on the nail tips. Consequently, add very small black leaves.

3. Glitter nail design

You can either white glitter polish over black or black glitter nail art polish over white. This is a method which is not only easy but saves time.

4. Zebra print nail design

Zebra print art looks very pretty in color as it is in its natural form. What you need to do is to pain your nails in white. Moreover, add fork like alternating stripes. This pattern can also be stamped and it will look very chic. To enhance the beauty of this combination, add a third color. Red or hot pink is most preferred since it will make the combination to look great.

5. Stripes nail design

The design is the same as zebra print as it also make the nails to look pretty. The stripes can be painted in vertical, horizontal or diagonal position. The initial step is to paint your base in white or black color. By use of a stripper or a precision brush, draw lines in whichever position you prefer. For you to get straight lines, ensure that you keep your hand steady. You can also stamp stripes by using a stamp striping template. Basing on the way you want your stripes to look like, you can put thick or thin stripes.

6. Polka dots nail design

This is a black and white nail design which will not only look chic but also classy. Just paint your nails in white or black color and put dots using a dotting tool. You can also use a toothpick istead of a dotting tool. Small or medium-sized polka dots can be added according to the way your like. An alternative method is to stamp the polka dot nail designs.

Black and white is an ultimate combination of colors. As mentioned above, the colors always look pretty when used on your nails. In fact, there is nothing which is more beautiful than seeing a lady with a well done manicure. If have been wondering what to do when it comes to nail coloring, you needn’t to worry since you can look at the beautiful designs highlighted. As a result, your nails will look amazing with the black and white polishes. Therefore, you will get a versatile look if you choose one of the designs.


3 Incredibly Cute Christmas Nail Designs

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Christmas is fast approaching, right? I bet you must be in the hunt for all forms of complements to make you appear unique when the great day comes. One of the best ways to appear unique is by coming up with outstanding Christmas nails designs. Gone are the days when ladies could only polish their nails red and white without any taste of style and design. Today it is possible to use different kinds of nail polishes and accessories to ensure that the final design is something that makes you not only different but luring as well.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of nail polishes and accessories in the market. Additionally, there are a lot of professional nail designers. A combination of the two means that it is possible to come up with incredible Christmas nails designs. However, some of the unique designs can be done without any professional assistance.

Here are 3 unique yet attractive Christmas nails designs you should try this time round:

1. Frosty Fingers
Like earlier stated, you do not necessarily need to be in red and white nail designs in order to match the festive mood. Frosty Fingers is one of the prevailing and modern nail designs which adopt both purple and blue. The colors are then complemented with silvery twilight. 

Creating this design is not a hustle at all. The idea here is to first apply blue violet as the base. Blue glitter should the follow the base. After the first layers have satisfactorily dried up, a silvery polish should then be applied in form of snowflakes. You can be assured that the design is mind-blowing.

2. Bold Green plus Golden Glitter
Again, this nail design goes beyond the norm of red and white Santa colors. Like the name suggests, the design is a blend of both green and gold. The ground rule here is to create a green theme and then garnish it with some gold.

To achieve this, you will need to first apply a base coat. This is usually done to ensure that the coats that are applied later hold for a long time. Once you are done with the base, it is now time to polish all nails with festive green polish except the ring finger. This is where the golden polish comes in. The ring finger should be polished with at least two coats of golden polish. You are free to add as much layers as you wish until a perfect glitter is achieved.

3. Holiday Lights Polish Strips
Perhaps you are the kind of lady who is not so friendly with nail brushes and liquid polishes. If that is the case with you, Holiday Lights Polish Strips can work as an ideal substitute. They are simple strips which are applied on the nails and allowed to stick. The good thing about the strips is that they have the capacity to last longer as compared to liquid polishes.

To get the best outcome, it is necessary to first ensure that all your nails are sparkling clean. The strips should then be cut and placed on each nail. Your other arm should be used to smoothen the strip on each finger. Any excess strips can be removed using a nail file.