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Precautions for Using Gel Nail Polish

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Some of the women who wash their hands numerous times in a day rarely get manicure more than three or four times in a year. They ignore manicures not due to non-availability of a nearby saloon or higher cost of the process but due to lack of time to waste on such things every day as it do not stand more than a day or two in such condition. Most of them use various synthetic options like acrylic nails and gel nail polish to beautify their hands at some special occasion but they may damage their natural nails.

One should use gel based nail polish carefully due to the harmful reaction of the chemicals used in it. Another main point to be considered while using this nail polish is that you also have to undergo various chemical processes while setting or removing it which can be harmful for your health. Brief information in this regard is provided here under for your awareness in this regard.

Reaction of methyl acrylate: Some of the gel based nail polishes can be allergic to your skin as they contain chemicals like methyl acrylate. It can cause rashes on your skin whenever it is applied on it. It can also cause rashes on your eyelids as people unintentionally touch their eyes very frequently throughout the day. Redness, bumpy, itchy and discomfort are some of the symptoms of rashes caused by the chemical in this nail polish which may last till it is not removed from the nails.

Reaction of BHA: Some of these nail polishes contain BHA or butylated hydroxyanisol, a cancer causing chemical, which can develop skin cancer if overexposed to it. So you should read the ingredients of the nail polish before buying it as such harmful chemicals are not included in all of them.

Reaction of UV rays: In order to set or cure gel nail polish ultraviolet light is used every time you apply it on your nails. You will have to expose your nails to ultraviolet light for 5-10 minutes after every few weeks to cure or set your nail polish. This frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer like sunlight. You can prevent this risk by applying a high class sunscreen on the bare parts of your hands and fingers after washing your hands amid the manicure session and wear cotton woven gloves with cut-off finger tips before curing your nail polish every time. You can also reduce the risk of skin cancer by finding a manicurist who uses LED light for curing your gel based nail polish instead of ultraviolet light.

Effect of acetone: Acetone is used to wrap or soak the nails for removing gel based nail polish from the nails. Due to the repeated use of acetone for this purpose, your nails can peel and become brittle as it is a very drying chemical. You can fight out this dryness by massaging a good quality moisturizer several times a day into your nails.

Thus you should use gel nail polish carefully as an alternative to your time consuming and frequent manicures.

Why Shellac Manicure is Good!

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Probably by now, you have heard about the CND Shellac manicure. It promises shiny, polished and non drying time nails that can last up to a fortnight. Personally I have tried it for myself and CND Shellac manicure my pet and it was fun..

Shellac is the original brain child of a company called Creative Nail Design (CND), in California. According to the company, it took them more than five years to finish perfecting the products. It is regularly described as the hybrid of o the popular gel manicure.

Shellac is the brain child of a California company called Creative Nail Design, more commonly known as CND. The company says it spent five years perfecting the product. Shellac is frequently described as a hybrid of the popular gel manicure.
What is a Shellac Manicure?

It is a patent-pending formulation of monomers, solvents and polymers which are hypo allergenic and 3-FREE, according the definition from the CND website. It does not contain toluene, no formaldehyde or DBP. According to the website, there is no drying time and that the nails have a two week window day wear mirror period. During the CND shellac manicure for your pet, you do not soak your pets’ nails first. Your dog’s groomer will first file and shape the nails of your pet and probably push back the pet’s cuticle. Generally, oil is not supposed to be used as it may interfere with the nail polish that is stuck between the nails. Nails are normally painted with a base coat, and should be at least two coats colors. You are supposed to insert your pets’ nails pet in between layers in to a UV light for about 30 to 60 seconds in order for the polish to dry. The whole process will take approximately three quarter of n hour. At the end of the procedure, your pet’s nail will be completely dry without any extra drying time at the end.

How long does it last? 

I have used the CND Shellac two times and in both cases, it lasted the two weeks as had been promised. The polish remains super shiny and does not chip.

The CND shellac manicure great since it really does last for a period of two weeks. In addition, you can wash dishes without wearing gloves, but still don’t chip. The addition of extra time to dry is a major plus.

This new manicure treatment also promises smudge-proof color that does not chip easily. Those who have used it call it a nail miracle. Shellac which is the special formula brushes on stronger than the regular nail polish. The nails are prepped just the same way as the basic manicure. The CND Shellac manicure has become very popular among its users in a very short period of time. Those who have used it confessed that it gives the most efficient results that last for longer than other nail care procedures.

Shellac Nails Polish

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Shellac nail are something that is there to stay to stay in the manicure industry for a very long time. This treatment when applied is known to last for at list a few weeks or for even a month if you don’t mind leaving it on for that period of time. According to its manufacturers, it took about five to six years for this product to be a success. Below are some of the things to know about shellac nails:

1. It’s the healthiest nail bedBefore applying, you should be aware that like other products, the polish is not for everyone. It works best for those with durable nails. If you happen to have damaged cuticles then its best to avoid using this product until you have treated your cuticle problem. The reason for seeking help for your infected cuticles is so to avoid future damage to your cuticles which can worsen during the removal period plus you want the polish to last for long.

2. Lasts for long periods.It’s said to still look good after a month but its best to keep it for about two weeks so as to still have that good look. Its disadvantage is that it can peel off because of its porous form when introduced to pool chemicals and other chemicals a reason as to why you should avoid products like cleaning products among others.

3. Its need home careCompared to traditional nail polish, shellac nails polish needs to be maintained so it can give you long services. It’s said that for it to last longer, you will need to at list apply cuticle oils at list two times in the day so as to allow the polish to penetrate into the nails .The polish Penetrating into the nails is an advantage as the nails will be nourished keeping them healthy under that pretty good looking color.

4. Removal process.This polish can’t be removed like other polishes you have used in the past. For a successful removal, you will need to undergo a special removal process that will protect your nail cuticles. When removing this polish, it’s advised that you visit the salon so as they can sock your nails in a solution of acetone and wrapped for a few minutes. The wrapping is known to use your body heat to peel off the polish successfully from your nails.

5. Its limitationsYes it’s very durable but some of its limitations include:

• Your nails won’t be strengthened as it happens when you apply other nail polish product and

• Second, shellac nails polish won’t lengthen the nails meaning that you should let the nails grow to whatever size you like before opting for this product.

• Lastly, this polish has to be applied at home.

The reason for going to the salon is because after it’s applied, UV lights have to be applied in between the three separate coats of polish for it to be effective. The disadvantage in this point is that no one can purchase the UV lights as they are not sold for home use.Something to note is that shellac is a blend of nail polish and gel and when used, it causes less damage to the nails compared to other traditional products.

The Pros and Cons of Stiletto Nails

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The stiletto nails have been quite popular these days, no doubt about that. In fact, a lot of popular celebrities, such as: Beyonce, Lana Del Ray, and Rihanna have been sporting the look, encouraging a lot of ladies to hit their local salon for the same treatment. However, before making an appointment to your favorite salon, consider the pros and cons of having these type of nails. Let’s start with the advantages.

Promotes Finesse and Femininity

With stiletto nails, you’ll be required to move your hands like a real lady, because you need to keep your fingertips flat at all times. Whether you’re operating a touchscreen, or pressing a button, you’re not allowed to use your nails. Thus, this will give a little elegance to how your hands move.

You’ll Make New Friends!
Prepare yourself for this– most women will probably compliment your nails, because not all ladies have the ‘guts’ to try these nails.

Better Skin
If you have a habit of scratching your skin every now and then, these pointy acrylics will refrain you from doing that. Just think about how painful it will be if you accidentally scratch yourself.

Your Pet Will Love You Even More
Believe it or not, most dogs do enjoy the feeling of having their bellies rubbed by pointy nails. Thus, this will make your lovable pet become more affectionate toward you.

Now that we’ve discussed about the advantages of having stiletto nails, let’s move on to the disadvantages.

Not for Busy Ladies
First things first. Stiletto nails aren’t for the ladies who don’t have much time on their hands. The whole process will take over an hour and you’ll be required to come back every two weeks to maintain the look.

For those who haven’t tried this process before, allow us to break it down for you: first, you’ll have your nails roughed up with an emery board. Then, plastic tips will be glued to your nails, and you need to wait for about ten minutes for it to dry out. After that, a nail technician will trim off the excess parts of the fake nails using a nail clipper in order to attain a reasonable length. This is where the shaping will begin. If you think the process ends there, you’re wrong. It’s just the beginning.

If you wear contacts, removing them and placing them, can be a daunting task for you. If you’re still interested in getting stiletto nails, it’s advisable to just wear glasses instead of contacts.

You’ll Become Helpless
Are you familiar with the saying “I can’t do anything with my hair”? Well, nail treatment literally comes from the same vein of inability to do anything. Once your nails are prepped and drying, you’re very limited in doing a whole lot.

The Fear of Breaking One
Aside from looking tacky, stiletto nails could give you a risk of bending back your natural nails and that will cause a lot of pain.

These are just some of the pros and cons of having acrylic nails. Overall, it’s not that bad having these nails, but you can’t say that it’s all good, either.

Top Nail Designs of Spring 2015

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Time flies by so fast and spring season is just around the corner once again. Featured collections from the Spring and Summer 2015 Runway makes us wish for winter to end soon. As for nails, it is everything about fun twists with some of the classic designs and delicate patterns. Below is a preview of this year’s spring nail designs.


Monotone Print Manicures

Monochromes give off subtle yet an elegant illusion to the appearance of your nails. This is basically done by sticking to one color and creating a variety in the design of your choice preferably statement items like lipstick, heels or bags. If you want beautiful patterns, this could be done by using nail art brushes and a dotting tool. Beginners usually just prefer putting on stick-ons that is hassle-free and would not take much skill. The good thing about this type of manicure is that beautiful designs and ideas are endless. If you opt for a light color, peaches and soft pinkish nudes is a wonderful choice. Just don’t forget to top it off with a coat to make it sparkle and shine.

Reverse French Manicures

This design has been made popular in the mid 30’s and 40’s and lately, its taken back a full swing. Known as the reverse french or half moon manicure, it looks kind of intimidating but they are actually quite simple to do. Just apply a base color and wait til it dries completely. As soon as it does, get a paper-reinforcement sticker and carefully put it at the base of the nail (just make adjustments if you prefer thick or thin half moon shapes). Remove excess glue by gently patting on your skin if the adhesive side is sticky. After you have done all the steps, apply a different color. Remove sticker and let dry. Seal it with a top coat and voila! – a reverse french manicure.

Chartreuse Nails

Chartreuse is an interesting color – a greenish yellow, that gives off a warm vibe to the eye making it a perfect spring color. The color may vary by the finish of the polish.

Two-Toned Colors

If you want to experiment in vivid and bold colors, try the two-toned retro-ish nail design. This is really simple. Just replace regular french color with contrasting shades such as orange and blue and your nails will be set when you and your friends go clubbing.

Ombre Manicures
This specific nail design has taken the world by storm. A lot of people enjoy having a gradient illusion to their nails and this is done using a simple procedure: first off, apply your chosen base color and let it dry. Get a sponge and then dip it on a different shade may it be lighter or darker. Stipple it in the mid section of your nail. Do this til you cover the tip. Next step is either use the same color or a lighter or bolder one and stipple towards the end of the nail. Apply a coat of polish that has glitter on it for a more glamorous look and seal it with the top coat. Now you’re all set for a day in the sun with one of the most popular of all spring nail designs!

These spring nail designs definitely make you wish for warmer seasons to be back sooner. Stock up on those bubbly bright shades and i guarantee you, you will be have a smooth-sailing fun spring time!