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Having Fun with 3D Nail Art

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Many people will agree that 3d nail art is a great and stylish look. There are so many options to choose from and one thing is guaranteed you will definitely make a statement. You can easily focus on something that you love and care about and have it custom made to suit your nails. Besides it does not take a lot of time and it is very affordable. You also have the option of doing it yourself as it is very easy and simple to learn. It simply involves incorporating various designs onto your nails. It can be done on either natural nails or the fake ones.


It is mostly done using acrylics. You can take fake nails apply acrylic on them and then create moulds so as to put on the design. This is the reason that 3d nail art is very simple. It might seem difficult at first, but it only requires a few rounds of practice. Besides there are so many videos available online that will teach you this fine art.


The reason many people opt for fake nails is so that you can remove any fillings easily as opposed to a real nail. If the results are completely disastrous you can always throw it away, but that would not be possible if you are using real finger or toe nail.


The supplies needed in commencing with this artwork are readily available at most cosmetic shops. They come packed with various designs that you can choose from. For the lovers of pets you can always using pet designs that will make your nails extra cute and adorable.


You can purchase the designs and come up with beautiful designs on your own by just allowing your imagination to guide you. Practices will have everyone believe that you visited a professional salon to have your nails done. It takes simple steps and with time you can advance to more complex designs. Your effort will finally pay off and you will save both time and money when it comes to making your nails look great and fabulous.


There is also the option of using the stickers to come up with a design. It is a simple method and is glued on the nail to create a final look. You can choose from a wide range of stickers and whether you want a dramatic or simple effect it is all up to you.


3d nail art requires a lot of concentration and effort so as to avoid breaking or spoiling the designs. It is easier to work on fake nails rather than your own if you are doing it yourself. Fake nails can be predesigned for a person beforehand. It is quite obvious that salons can be a bit pricey when offering this service. The price at home is greatly influenced by the acrylic, fake nails, mold and supplies chosen. Be happy if you don’t get perfect results on the first try because tomorrow is another day for you to try again. Remember practice makes perfect and if you don’t seem to be getting it well check out a salon near you. They will be more than happy to have you pay them for this service.


7 Top Black Nail Designs That Diliver With Exceptional Care

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Are you looking for something innovative in your nail designs? Are you pondering on a nail design for Halloween? Well, if all these inquisitions are creating a problem on your mind, then you have landed on the right page. Studies have shown that many women usually think of dark nails as strictly Goth or vampy.

With the black nail designs enumerated below, you are sure to discover a gamut of ideas. However, black nail designs can as well be very feminine and versatile. Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover the plethora of dark nail designs that convert, time and again.


Black Nails With Crystal Flowers: 

From research and feasibility study, it is important to know that a glossy dark polish can look beautiful and bold on its own. To get the desired beauty, you will have to pair it with a crystal floral design. Nevertheless, you will discover that the look is strong and yet feminine.


Black And Gold Nail Design: 

Black can be toned down by easily layering other designs and colors on it. This can be effectively done by using creamy white gold flowers and gold glitter-dust polish design. For an evening event, you can use a black nail design of this nature.


Black 80s Inspired Nail Design: 

Do you know that the 80s are back again in just about every way? From hair to clothes, makeup, and nail designs, you will find the 80s in its fullest. A lacy black design used over hot pink polish is simply a perfectly 80s-style expression of excess and individuality.

Formal Black Nail Art Designs: 

Studies have perfectly shown that white and black wedding designs are a popular trend. The truth is that brides can as well incorporate this style into nail designs for the wedding party and themselves. A glossy black nail carrying white design looks modern and fresh.

Lacy and Long Black Nails: 

If you think that dark nails and ”delicate” cannot go together, then check your archive properly. These long clear acrylic nails often look elegant with artfully placed crystals and a lacy black nail design.

Two-Toned Looks:

Since a simple black manicure looks modern, it is not necessary to always go for solid-colored nails. You can as well consider a two-toned appearance with another color on the base of the nail and black tips. The idea to keep the tips dark offers the rest part of your nails a feminine flourish.

Contrast With Focus Nail Art: 

For high effect, you can ensure to make use of a rich black polish. You can as well select a single nail to highlight with a design. It is important to know that the ring finger remains a popular nail. With plain black nails, a green-gold design provides an interesting contrast.

Black nail designs often come with a lot of features and benefits. These nail designs can distinguish you from other people in any event, social gathering or workplace. There are other black nail designs that you can as well try out in a time of need. This can be found in the likes of cool crackles, the anti-French manicure, sharply defined and just to mention a few.

Pretty Nail Designs Are Now More Trendier Than Ever!

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In recent years, the meaning of manicure has radically changed. Classic color names such as ballet-slipper pink and pillar box red painted nails, were once a symbol of adult elegance and sophistication. New trends in nail fashion have turned the market on its head with unpredictable colors such as moss green, neon tangerine and steel gray dominating. Nails have now become high fashion and all the rules are being broken by a new generation of ladies who love to express their individuality. Pretty nail designs have now become an expression of creativity, humor and fashion.

Some of the most popular trends of manicures that are still simple, sophisticated and classy are neutral colors. These may include several different discreet shades that are similar to skin tones. Metallic shades are very big because they are powerful and most outfits can be worn with either gold or silver. Colors of the wild jungle, warm desert or tropical fruit are also in great demand. Watermelon, mango or kiwi nails will transform your summer fashion sense.

Nail art, which often includes the lengthening of extensions and the gluing on of pretty nail designs has quickly become big business worldwide. Although the fixing of tiny stickers and jewels to your nails, had its beginnings in your local small town salons, it has become a huge favorite of celebrities. They often have their manicures custom designed to suit the particular occasion or event they may be attending.

Instagram is popular for postings of famous nail designs. Patriotic nail art was seen everywhere at the last Olympics, almost as if it too was competing. The nail art trend seems to have been pioneered in the city of London, where young entrepreneurs have pushed the boundaries and been responsible for several of the most eye-catching manicures published in magazines. Everyone loves strawberries and so strawberry pretty nail varnish has become a popular trend. Painting your nails red, adding a few white dots and with green leaves along the tip, will get you Strawberry nails.

The half-moon manicure is an updated version of the ever popular and more traditional French manicure. This is done by painting the base of the nail half-moon with a contrasting color. Lovers of vibrant nail colors and designs will enjoy these new fresh styles. Most girls work very hard to maintain head to toe beauty. It takes all the tricks and tips that are available to get the best results. Previously, only rebels and teenagers wore black nail varnish. This color has now come to symbolize creativity, independence, and freedom. Black nail varnish is now worn by every modern woman.

Vintage nail varnishes consisting of soft pastel shades in which you paint either polka dots or bows are pretty nail designs. They look so cute you feel you have to try them out. The new nail polishes dry quickly, are soft to the touch and make your nails look perfectly polished. Acrylic nail designs have become an enormously popular subject and developing trendier and more stylish designs are ongoing. Creative entrepreneurs are constantly coming up with patterns that are more popular than the previous ones and this does not appear to be slowing down any time soon.

Amazing Nail Stickers For Instant Beautification of Nails

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Nail Stickers have become one of the most preferred choices in nail art due to their quick and easy application that saves time. Every woman who wishes to look beautiful should understand that her hands play a vital role in defining her overall appearance and beauty. With the help of these new accessories, you can accentuate the look of your hands and make them look more attractive. These stickers not only add an elegant look to your nails but also give your nails a complete unique look that is eye catching.

Nail stickers are available in varied colors and shapes. These stickers are designed keeping in mind the feminine choices and preferences. One can find hundreds of cute and sexy designs of these stickers that look amazing. If you love experimenting with your looks, try using different nail stickers that come in different colors and designs. Wear them on a daily basis or on occasions and everyone who looks at your hands would just keep staring. The designs used in these stickers are one better than the other and you can never be satisfied if you buy just one of the hundreds of designs. Every design has a different appeal and qualities.

When you want to look your best, nail tickers can be used to transform your nails into stunning stunners in seconds since all you require to do is only to stick them to the nails. The biggest advantage of using best nail stickers is that anyone can do it since it doesn’t require you to test your creative skills and it is absolutely non-messy, therefore you can never go wrong with it. The biggest advantage of using nail stickers is that anyone can do it since it doesn’t require you to test your creative skills and it is absolutely non-messy, therefore you can never go wrong with it.

High quality nail stickers are self adhesive and are made using best flex rubber and hospital grade adhesives. Other stickers are made by printing the chosen design on a thin transparent film where its top coating will be covered and after some months, one will begin to see that the glue on the back of the film just becomes weak and as a result does the design printed on the film which fades away. But, nail stickers are easy, simple and quick, what makes them such a popular nail accessory for those looking to beautify their nails and make an impression wherever they go. One can also choose the right kind of stickers, which go with ones personality.

The benefit of opting for nail stickers is that they are non messy, easy and quick and this is what makes them so much in demand for women who want to go out and win over people wherever they go with their trendy style and nails. This is the best way to add that extra zing and spice to your overall appearance and personality by decorating your nails the way you want to. And to get that best look, It is imperative that one buys the stickers from a reputed supplier.

Final thought:

Nail art is the most versatile and latest fashion statement today. Nails can be painted freehand. Nevertheless, it ought to be done with accurate care and correct procedure. There are beauty professionals for this job, known as ‘nailist’ just to make them outstanding. Professional nailists will do this task in a better way. These experts make use of the right materials and proper approaches to make it perfect.

Process to Create Diamond Nails

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The relation between human and diamond goes to a long back. Most of the people love the dazzling and precious stone and at the same time, love to wear and flaunt it. In fact, wearing diamond is considered as a status symbol.

Things you need for this purpose may include an optional base coat, a transparent nail polish, a shimmer pink nail polish, a golden nail polish, dark blue and black coloured caviar beads and a toothpick. You can create diamond art designs on your nails in a step-by-step process discussed here under.

  • You should start with coating your nails with two coats of base coat as the first step before designing diamonds on them. Now to make the base more opaque you should use two coats of shimmer or white nail polish after drying the base coats. Before moving to the next step you should let the coats dry completely.
  • In the second step of this process you can paint your nails with different colours say five different colours on five nails or two colours – pink and golden to give different colour base to the caviar beads. But you should use light shades for darker beads or dark base for light coloured beads. Now let the nail paint dry before proceeding to the very next step.
  • Now while creating diamond nails you should also keep in the mind that designing them on your nails can be a time consuming and complicated process even if they look very simple. You can draw diamonds on your nails with the help of a nail art brush and paint if you are good at free hand drawing. In this way you can follow the lines with transparent nail polish to add caviar beads to your nails. In other case, you can also create the whole design directly by using caviar beads by using transparent nail paint on one nail at a time. You can make geometric design on your nails to place the beads on the marks. In this way you can easily complete the diamond design on your nails.
  • You can use caviar beads to make different shapes of diamonds on different finger and thumb nails to give a variation. You can arrange them in prism shape on some of your fingers and some other shape of other fingers according to the space available on the nails. Now you should pick the beads with toothpick and place them one by one o your nails in particular order. But you should complete the nails one by one to avoid any mess in the process.
  • Now after completing all the nails you will have to coat a layer of transparent nail polish on them to seal the caviar beads safely on them. The colours of your beads can bleed out after coating transparent nail polish due to their inferior quality. So you should use good quality beads for this purpose.

Thus you can create diamond nails very easily by following the steps discussed in this write-up.