3 Gorgeous Toe Nail Designs For An Amazing Pedicure

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Though you might not be wearing sandals or open-toe shoes all the time, caring for your toe nails should be part of your beauty routine. Simply painting them using a color like blue or pink is not going to make them look spectacular, which is why you should definitely consider ditching it in favor of some gorgeous toe nail designs instead. Whether we talk about a sailor pattern or a palm tree, there are dozens of pretty toe nail designs you can opt for. If you are unsure of which one to choose, we compiled a list of amazing pedicure ideas you can use at the beach.

1. Blue and White Pattern

When it comes to beach toe nail designs, blue and white should be the primary colors to consider using. For this particular design, you will need the following: a dark blue polish, a white polish, a red polish, a dotting tool and some thin scotch tape. Apply a base coat, then paint your nails using the white polish. Let it dry thoroughly. Place two very thin pieces of scotch tape across the nails vertically – one closer to the nail base, and the other one closer to the tip. Apply the dark blue polish, then remove the scotch tape. Once everything is settled, use the dotting tool to draw a small heart in red near the right corner of each nail. Finish with top coat.

2. Starfish

Starfish can make any toe nail design stand out, and for this reason, you should try it yourself as well. You will need: a light blue or turquoise polish, a white polish, and a light orange one, plus a dotting tool and thin brush. Start with the base coat, then apply two coats of the light blue or turquoise polish. To make the ensemble more spectacular, we suggest sprinkling some silver glitter on top right after you paint your nails. Let it dry. Using the thin brush and light orange polish, draw a star shape on each nail, filling them with the same color. Once it dries, use the dotting tool to put some white dots on the star. Finish with top coat, and your starfish nail toe design is done.

3. Anchor

If you are looking for cute toe nail designs, an anchor can be the best option for your needs. For this particular design idea, you will need a light turquoise polish, a white polish, a black polish, a thin brush and some thin pieces of scotch tape (similar to #1). Apply a base coat, then paint all toe nails using the light turquoise polish, and only the ring finger nail with white polish. Let it dry, then put two very thin pieces of scotch tape on the ring finger nail vertically, leaving even distances between them and the tip/base of the nail. Paint with turquoise polish, remove the scotch tape and let everything dry. Using the thin nail brush and black polish, draw an anchor on the ring finger nail. If you do not have enough precision, choose a toothpick instead. Finish with top coat, and you are done.

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