3 Incredibly Cute Christmas Nail Designs

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Christmas is fast approaching, right? I bet you must be in the hunt for all forms of complements to make you appear unique when the great day comes. One of the best ways to appear unique is by coming up with outstanding Christmas nails designs. Gone are the days when ladies could only polish their nails red and white without any taste of style and design. Today it is possible to use different kinds of nail polishes and accessories to ensure that the final design is something that makes you not only different but luring as well.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of nail polishes and accessories in the market. Additionally, there are a lot of professional nail designers. A combination of the two means that it is possible to come up with incredible Christmas nails designs. However, some of the unique designs can be done without any professional assistance.

Here are 3 unique yet attractive Christmas nails designs you should try this time round:

1. Frosty Fingers
Like earlier stated, you do not necessarily need to be in red and white nail designs in order to match the festive mood. Frosty Fingers is one of the prevailing and modern nail designs which adopt both purple and blue. The colors are then complemented with silvery twilight. 

Creating this design is not a hustle at all. The idea here is to first apply blue violet as the base. Blue glitter should the follow the base. After the first layers have satisfactorily dried up, a silvery polish should then be applied in form of snowflakes. You can be assured that the design is mind-blowing.

2. Bold Green plus Golden Glitter
Again, this nail design goes beyond the norm of red and white Santa colors. Like the name suggests, the design is a blend of both green and gold. The ground rule here is to create a green theme and then garnish it with some gold.

To achieve this, you will need to first apply a base coat. This is usually done to ensure that the coats that are applied later hold for a long time. Once you are done with the base, it is now time to polish all nails with festive green polish except the ring finger. This is where the golden polish comes in. The ring finger should be polished with at least two coats of golden polish. You are free to add as much layers as you wish until a perfect glitter is achieved.

3. Holiday Lights Polish Strips
Perhaps you are the kind of lady who is not so friendly with nail brushes and liquid polishes. If that is the case with you, Holiday Lights Polish Strips can work as an ideal substitute. They are simple strips which are applied on the nails and allowed to stick. The good thing about the strips is that they have the capacity to last longer as compared to liquid polishes.

To get the best outcome, it is necessary to first ensure that all your nails are sparkling clean. The strips should then be cut and placed on each nail. Your other arm should be used to smoothen the strip on each finger. Any excess strips can be removed using a nail file.

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