4 Tips That Will Enhance Your Pink Nail Designs

November 12, 2014 By: Category: Uncategorized

One of the best things about pink nail designs is that they are for fun, outgoing women who want to project a happy appearance to the world around them. Pink is just a fun, exciting color. However it’s also the kind of color that has the tendency to become garishly ugly if applied badly. 

This is why you should always be careful when applying pink on your nails. Pink needs subtlety in order to look beautiful. So if you need help choosing a design for your own nails, then here are several tips for you to think about. 

Use Different Shades of Pink 

Pink has many shades, and you should pick the ones that look good on your nails. Some shades of pink, for example, almost look red, which makes them an ideal option for women who don’t like the garish appearance of more traditional shades of pink. On the other hand, there are also shades of pink that look distinctly pink, and these shades should be used in a tasteful, subtle manner in order to make your nails attractive without making the color too obvious. So in choosing a good pink nail design for your nails, don’t forget to consider the shade of pink that you want to use. 

Complimentary Colors 

Pink nail polish is compatible with all kinds of other colors, including black, red, orange, yellow and several shades of green. This is one of the reasons why pink nail designs incorporate more secondary colors than most other types of nail polish. For example, you can combine dark shades of pink with red nail polish in order to paint red and pink stripes over your nails. On the other hand, you can use bright shades of pink with certain shades of blue and green to create random contrasting patterns on your nail. So in choosing your design, try to experiment with as many different color combinations as you like. You’ll be surprised at how versatile pink nail designs can be. 

Silhouettes, Symbols and Shapes

Silhouettes offer a lot of interesting pink nail designs. You can, for example, paint a pink silhouette of a bird, an esoteric symbol or even a famous logo onto your nails. Furthermore, pink silhouettes of special patterns and shapes can be used to create retro designs on your nails. If you like foreign scripts, you can even paint pink Chinese and Arabic character onto your nails, thus giving them a more esoteric flavor. These designs are not exactly unique, but they are quite fun and you can use them as a conversation starter at casual events. 


Finally, it’s worth mentioning that a lot of pink nail designs use accessories to further enhance their beauty. Glitter, stickers and even nail jewelry can all be used as accessories to help enhance the beauty of your pink nails. Some pink nail designs, for example, look really good with glitter, while other designs work best with small bits of fake diamonds. So if you really want your nails to sparkle then you should try adding a few extra accessories on your pink nails.

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