4 Top Trends in 2014 Nail Designs

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Is nail art dead? Have we seen the last of beautifully crafted nails? Well, the truth is that the art is not even close to fading away. If 2014 nail designs is anything to go with, we can categorically state that nail art has become more alive than ever. This is evident from the rising number of people adopting the practice, increasing designs, as well as overwhelming reviews. 2014 has seen many trendy designs find their way into the world of nail art fashion. However, the following are the most notable trends:


1. Nature Takes Over

Of late, talk about living in a greener and cleaner environment has been quite rife. This is being witnessed both online as well as offline. Well, the world of nail art has also not been left behind. As matter of fact, it seems to be playing a leading role. A close observation of the trends in 2014 reveals that people were attracted to natural forms as well as colors. Green seemed to be the preferred color of choice for many people. Natural designs and images such as leaves, twigs, and more were also popular.


2. Contrasting Colors Make A Come Back

A few years back, people seemed to be attracted to bright colors that created contrast. Nonetheless, the trend died and people opted to use matching colors and designs. This created more harmony and balance. But, 2014 nail designs reveal that contrasting colors are back in the scene. Many people prefer combining bright and contrasting colors. For instance, bright red color matched with dark green, pink matched with dark blue, orange and green top the list of choices.


3. Lunar Shapes Become the In thing

Nail art features a broad range of designs and patterns. In fact, there are so many such that they cannot all be noted down. Moon-related shapes and patterns were trending in the year. The shapes included half moon, crescent, and more. Other shapes that took centre stage in 2014 included star designs. There was a preference for each fingernail to have its own unique shape.


4. Matte Topcoats Rise in Popularity

The common practice was to come up with dynamic designs then use vibrant colors. Thereafter, a coat of clear gloss was applied with the aim being to bring out a sparkle. Well, in 2014, people appeared to prefer matte topcoats instead of the usual, high gloss topcoats. The polish shades were also much calmer and less striking. This brought out a more relaxed and laid back appeal. Such designs are quite suitable for both formal as well as informal settings.


Nail art has been around for quite some time. However, it is in the last decade that the technique has been most vibrant. Long gone and forgotten are the days when the nail designs were limited to only a few. In the modern world, the technique has become a normal practice. This has seen the much younger as well as older generation take-up the fashion. And if the trends observed in 2014 nail designs is anything to go with, then we are yet to see the last of this beautiful work of art.

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