5 Tips On How to Apply Diamond Nails

November 20, 2014 By: Category: Uncategorized

Diamond nails are very pretty to look at, but they are also the kind of nails that look tacky if not applied properly. This is because diamond nail art designs use a lot of decals, accents and accessories, and using these things require a lot of artistic skill as well as a lot of nail polish experience. 

In fact, most nail designs that use one or two simple color patterns don’t work too well when applied using diamond styles. So if you’re planning to use some of your own unique diamond nail designs on your nails, then you better try them out on paper first. This way, you’ll be able to see if they are actually as good as you imagine them to be. 

So if you want to have awesome diamond nails, here are a few other ideas that will help you to create them. 

Choose Your Design 

When experimenting with diamond nail art, you need to select that type of design that you want to get. For example, the most basic form of diamond nail art is to simply draw a diamond onto your nails with whatever bright colored nail polish you want to use. However, this approach is not very original, and you’re much better off using accents, decals or stamping in creating your diamond shapes and images onto your nails. 

Different Styles for Each Nail 

Unlike many other nail styles, diamond styles thrive on variety. For example, you can have a diamond shape on a plain background on your thumb nail, an intricately patterned diamond on another nail and a white diamond on a black background on the third nail. Diamond nails are meant to be showy, so go ahead and try as many patterns as you dare. Just remember to apply the base coat (the nail polish color of your choice) carefully. 

Use the Right Tools When Creating Your Diamonds 

Since we’re talking about diamond nails, it’s important to use the right tools for the job. To create diamond patterns onto your nails, you will need to use a thin nail brush. You may also need a little glitter, some gloss top coating and a few accessories. Glitter and glossy polish, for example, are very useful in giving a particular design that extra shine that makes so many diamond nails so special.

Combine Good Colors With Your Diamonds

There are a lot of good colors for diamond nails. Pink, for example, is a good base polish, and the same is true for black. In certain cases, even blue can be used to create a nice, cool diamond design on your nails. So try to experiment with as many different colors as you like. 

Use A Cute Design

Diamond nails look really good when painted in a cute way. For example, you can add stripes or polka dots on your nails to further enhance the beauty of the diamond. Another option is to use diamond shapes on certain fingers while painting patterns, bows and other designs on your other nails, thus creating a more diverse design for your nails. Don’t be afraid to experiment with cute patterns and images. Diamond nails are not meant to be serious. They’re meant to attract.

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