7 Amazing & Gorgeous Nail Design Ideas

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Painting your nails in a regular, not-so-interesting color is totally old-fashioned today, which means that you need to be more creative and look for spectacular nail design ideas that will definitely improve the appearance of your hands. From interesting patterns to bold, flamboyant colors, there are plenty of nail designs you can try, and as long as you have a couple of essential tools, the process should not be that overwhelming, regardless of how complex the nail art you have chosen. Check out our amazing nail design ideas below.

1. Music Notes

If you are a big music lover, why don’t you paint your nail with attractive music notes? Paint your nails using a light color, preferably whitewash. With a thin nail art brush and black nail polish, draw three horizontal lines close to the nail tip. Use the same brush to create gorgeous music notes on the lines. Finish with a top coat.

2. Candy Cane

To create a wonderful candy cane pattern, you will only need a red and a white nail polish, plus a top coat. Paint your nails using either of the nail polishes, then use the other to create 3-4 diagonal lines. For the thumb nail, try drawing three thicker lines, and three thinner ones in between them. Apply top coat, and you’re done.

3. Splatter

Splatters are very cute nail designs, so why don’t you ditch your regular French manicure and try one? Paint your nails using soft pink, then create splatters using a light blue nail polish. Continue with splatters made using purple nail polish, and finish with dots of sparkly dark blue.

4. Animal-Printed Hearts

A combination between animal prints and hearts will be a great design idea that will make your nails look superb. Paint your nails with light, matte pink. Use a soft brush to draw a couple of pinker hearts positioned randomly, as well as a few dots in between them. Draw their contour with red-pink nail polish just like if they were animal prints. Finish with top coat.

5. Swirls

Swirls can be cool nail designs if you choose gorgeous colors. To make one, paint your nails with whitewash nail polish. Pick three different nail polishes: a reddish one, a candy pink one and a magenta one. Put one dot of each color in the center of the nail, then use a dotting tool to swirl them. When you’re done, put some dots around to hide flaws, and finish with top coat.

6. Minion

Ever watched “Despicable Me”? If yes, you will surely love this cute nail design. Paint your nails with a yellow base. Use a black stripper to create the goggle straps, then make the goggle rim in the center using a silver nail polish. Use a dotting tool and white polish to make the white of the eye. Use a black stripper to create the pupil of a minion, then use a stripper to create his hair.

7. Bow

Take the initiative with this bow nail design. Apply a base coat, followed by a whitewash nail polish. Draw five dots in black: one close to the cuticles in the center of the nail, and the other four around it, to create an “X” shape. Connect the dots, then fill in the bow with black. Do the tip of your nail using the same black nail polish – try to keep the line quite thin, but not too much so. Create three more dots vertically in between the bow and the tip, let it dry, then finish with top coat.

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