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The Different Pink Nail Designs Available

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Pink nail polish has been there for a long time even before we were born. Most people have been practicing it including kids at home. To add on the bold new colors, the nail art encompasses many techniques, tools, accessories as well as looks. This includes glitter, animal prints and rhinestones. Whether you decide for a professional manicure or if you are just looking for DIY ideas, the best pink nail designs are unique and attractive without being tacky. The following are some of the best pink nail designs available and thus you may try them.


Reverse French Manicure

The design is basically a classic nail design look which has been there for many years. The pale pink nails are painted using a thin-to-thick strip consisting of white color at the upper of the nail. This design is effectively the picture negative the French. It is worth noting that the half cuticle bed usually at the bottom of the your nail is normally painted using curved strips in the contrasting colors to the nail adding to the upper strip in this style. Contrasting colors are used for a more modernized twist. It is easier to apply the reverse French. To ensure an even application of this design, stick the circular hole-punch stickers to the bottom of your nail prior applying it in the nail color.


Animal Prints

The zebra and leopard print nail design can be applied easily and successfully at salon or even at home. For a professional manicure, you can ask a nail technician for ideas and samples. You may change a little the normal zebra and leopard colors in order to have a unique take on this design. If you are doing it at home, apply the base coat in brown color for leopard and white for zebra. Paint the stripes or spots on top with a nail polish or striper brush pen for increased precision.


Gel Impressions

The gel impression technique is the best out of all designs and is mostly done by the experts. With this great method of pink nail design, the base coat is usually applied in a sheer color or glitter. The gel polish is applied on the base coat and then the design is usually cut out in this gel polish prior it sets. This helps to show the glitzy basecoat that is underneath.


Sequins, Studs, Pearls and Rhinestones

With the use of the nail adhesive readily available from any nail salon or in the local drugstore, one can apply pearls, sequins, rhinestones as well as studs in order to have a new look for your nails. However, all these appliqués should be the last ones to be applied on the painted nails. All you are required to do is ensure that you have enough drying time so that they will not get dislodged or disrupt your new and neat nails.


In conclusion, the above are some of the available pink nail designs that you can have applied on your nails. You can just try any of the above designs and surely you will like it.

Beautiful Nails

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Nails are the horn-like feature that covers the tips of all fingers in a human. Different people have a different perception of the use of the nails. Some use them as a means of self-defense while others, mostly ladies, use them as a beauty attraction. Mostly all women or girls share the same belief when it comes to the nails. They all believe in that the nails play a significant role in one’s beauty. Beautiful nails are the wishes of all ladies out there. The nails may be long or short, but each one will have his way of making them attractive.

There are artificial nails that replace the natural nails in case one feels the natural ones are not much appealing. To maintain your nails at a physical level, you must practice some tips that will influence the condition of your nails. The applicable tips for beautiful nails include:

1. Always use moisturizer

Many of us are fond of applying moisturizers in our hands mostly after taking a shower. You should no longer exclude your nails anymore. Apply also to the nails to make them soft and avoid drying. If you can afford coconut oil, it is excellent in rubbing into the nails and cuticles.

2. Take care for your cuticles

When you attend a salon for a manicure, always ensure that they do not trim your cuticles. The skins play a significant role in preventing harmful bacteria on your nails. Advice them to use a cuticle pusher to push it back after applying moistening oils.

3. Always use soft polish

Do you have nail polish or willing to buy one? Then you should not use a nail polish that is harsh to your nails. The nails polish contains toxic chemicals that include toluene, camphor and many more.

4. Buffing them instead of coloring

Buffing is not more attractive as coloring but once you take your time and buff the nails properly, then you will go a long way. While trimming, avoid sawing the nails back and forth since you will be weakening your nails.

5. Always choose a good remover

Avoid using removers that contain acetone. Removers that will cause less or no harm on your nails are available in the shops.

6. Eat well always

In maintaining healthy nails, diet plays a significant role. Consumption of proteins is crucial as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Taking in a lot of water will also make your body stay hydrated.

As well as applying some practices in maintaining beautiful nails, you should have knowledge of what you should never do. Some of the practices to avoid include

7. Over-buffing

Too much of the practice will eventually cause friction with a built-up heat that will automatically weaken the nails. Always use a lightly smooth ridges buffer.

8. Never bite your nails or use as tools

In using your nails in this both activities, then you will be weakening or easily break them. If you accidently get a deep tear, amend it by trimming until it has a chance to grow out again.

With maintaining the good condition of your nails, it will be less expensive in executing nail beauty. You can decide whether you will remain on natural beauty or go ahead in seeking the artificial beauty of the nails which I both cases, beauty matters.

8 Top Rated Nail Polish Colors

January 01, 2015 By: admin Category: Nail Art

For many years, nail polish colors has been an important ingredient for women’s beauty. When you do have the right information, you will always know what to do whenever you need to enhance your looks remarkably. Here are some of the 8 top rated nail polish colors in the market:

1. Laura Mercier Nail Lacquer in the Coco Suede

This nail polish is among the trending brands in the market today. It comes with some of the best colors that matches with a wide range of skin tones and personalities. It dries fast and it will always enable you improve your beauty whenever you need something unique and trendy within the market. With numerous color options, you can always choose what you need whenever you need improve the looks of your nails.

2. OPI Nail Lacquer in the Italian Love Affair

This OPI Nail Lacquer is a common nail polish especially among the celebrities. When you have it, it will give you a neutral nude that comes with a pink hue. This has made celebrities like Kim Kardashian to love it whenever you need to add perfect accent to the toe booties.

3. Deborah Lippman Blue Orchid 

The new Deborah Lippman’s Orchid nail lacquer is one of the trendy nail polish that you can choose when you need to add elegance and looks on your nails. When you have the nails, you will have a wide range of choice in terms of the dresses or jeans that you would wear. They give you freedom to choose from a wide range of options that you may need whenever you need the best options. This should make you look amazing especially when you need something special and stylish.

4. Essie Fall in Line nail polish 

This “Fall in Line” nail polish has some of the funky colors that you do not want to miss whenever you need the best options. When you have it, it would give that classic color that will make you look elegant whenever you need to enhance your style.

5. Zoya Pepper

The Zoya’s polishes often shows a sign of love for those people who would like to give themselves a taste. The dark red polish can always transform your looks when need to appear modern. It will always give you a dark red shade thus making an amazing nail polish for the winter.

6. JINsoon Tess Giberson Nocturne

The JINsoon Tess Giberson nail polish often comes with a nocturne and gunmetal dark grey that many women love. This dark polish will always match your skin tone especially those women with dark skin tones. This should make it an amazing nail polish for women.

7. Tom Ford Nail Laquer with Toasted Sugar

The nail polish mainly works for those women who may want to improve their natural skin color to match their nail polish. When you have it on your nails, it would always make them to look long and lacquered at the same time making them look stronger.

8. Essie Nail Color in the Bordeaux

This is a neutral, rich, and deep red color nail polish that many women prefer today. When you have it, you will get a classic twist to make you look more sexy and beautiful.

The above information should educate you on the 8 top rated nail polish colors in the market today.

Gel Nails Designs Ideas for your Nail

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Purple Gel Nail Designs

Purple Gel Nail Designs


Gel nails designs ideas can be found in almost every place in this world. For example you can try to utilize the glittering gel nail art ideas. Just as the name implies this unique gel nail art design ideas utilize a unique gel based material as your nail art design, to make things better you also need to use the glittering decoration to make your gel nails design much more elegant and attractive.

People who are using the gel nails designs will have better appearance because gel nail design is much more unique and elegant than the common nail art design ideas. Gel nails designs are also quite advantageous than the most nail art ideas because it is quite easy to be cleansed with just water. On the other hand the other nails art design need to be cleansed with various tools and medium. Therefore gel nail art design is become very popular this day.


Gel Nails Designs Pictures

White Nail Designs for Beginners

White Nail Designs for Beginners


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Nail Art Pictures for Short Nails

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Different Nail Art Pictures

Different Nail Art Pictures


Nail art pictures is one way to beautify appearance. This art was developed by the experts to make your nails into one strong appeal. Besides, the use of right nail polish and images will further strengthen the impression, for example, is the impression of cute, elegant and lover. For some women, nail art pictures also can represent their personality since the types of nail pictures are also growing very rapidly. Therefore, you also try to match the kind of personality you with certain nail image.

Nail art pictures can give a glamorous image in putting out by the bright red color. You can also add a few small diamonds to make your nails more shining. In addition to give an elegant impression you could use French nail design. To form an impression cute while the choice of colors like pink mixed with white will make you younger. You can use to design a polka-dot design.


Nail Art Pictures Designs

Gradient Green Nail Art Pictures

Gradient Green Nail Art Pictures


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Tips and Trick on How to do Nail Art

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How to do Nail Art Designs

How to do Nail Art Designs


How to do nail art? These question seems to pop up for every people who are new to nail art design. The answer is quite simple, you only need to expand your creativity and try to experimenting. By trying various color and apply it to your nail you will gain experience that can give you ability to discern which kinds of color that are suitable for your nail and which one that is not. Therefore in order to know how to do nail art you need dedication and spirit to experiment with nail art designs.

People often think that nail art design is quite easy to be performing. However, this mindset is actually wrong. People who have expertise in the nail art design have tried different types of design and have failed numerous times, with their dedication and experience they can become an expert in the nail art design. This means if you want to know how to do nail art you need to be confident and try different kinds of color to find your own unique style.


How to do Nail Art Pictures

Purple How to do Nail Art

Purple How to do Nail Art


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Creating Cute Easy Nail Designs at Home

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Pink Cute Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

Pink Cute Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails


Cute easy nail designs can be made at home. Instead of spending lots of money on beauty salon to get nail arts, you can simply create your nail design at home. Whenever you are free from work or school, or whenever you feel like spoiling your own self, you can grab nail paint and start coloring your nails. If you have never done it before or you have done it but you need more inspirations to get cute easy nail designs, you can firstly look at magazines or online wesbites to learn about coloring nails.

Once you’ve seen the tutorials, you will no longer think that it is difficult to color your own nails and create nail arts. But you should also be patient while doing it in order to make your nail art looks tidy. It doesn’t have to be complicated, as long as you can color it tidily, you’ll get cute easy nail designs.


Cute Easy Nail Designs for Toes

Pink and White Nail Designs

Pink and White Nail Designs


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Red Nail Designs for Short Nails

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Red Nail Designs for Wedding

Red Nail Designs for Wedding

Red nail designs are smoking hot. The red color will make you look like a hot, brave, and powerful lady. Red color is also known to be lucky colors from feng shui’s point of view, so there’s nothing wrong in it if you are using red color design because you are seeking for luck and gaining your charm. You can tantalize every guy you glance at with red nail designs you’ve got because red color will give you luck, and who knows, also love. But well, it comes back to your belief again, whether you will want to belief the feng shui or not, but red color is always known to be hot and spicy color that symbolize courage. If you are in a bad mood, you can try to get red nail designs to cheer up your day. With your friends around you, you can do each other’s red nail colors.

Red Nail Designs for Short Nails

Red and White Nail Designs

Red and White Nail Designs

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Creative Nail Design for your Appearance

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Creative Nail Designs for Spring

Creative Nail Designs for Spring


Creative nail design can be utilize as long as you have inspiration and some reference. For people who have difficulties in making their own unique nail design you can always try the reference you can find in some fashion magazine. Fashion magazine usually not only provide you with several reference about fashion but also about nail art design. Therefore it is advisable to read fashion magazine if you want to know about nail art design.

Creative nail design has some kinds of example, for example you can try to utilize the color of the prairie which has green unique color. Add some yellowish color for some unique and cute appeal in your nail art design. There are various creative nail designs that you can apply to your nail. All you have to do is keep in experimenting and use various ideas to make the perfect nail art design that are genuinely made by you.


Creative Nail Design Pictures 

Cute Creative Nail Designs

Cute Creative Nail Designs


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Something about Nice Nail Designs

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Nice Nail Designs for Short Nails

Nice Nail Designs for Short Nails


Nice nail designs idea can be found on many resources like magazines or online sites, so whenever you are stuck with what kind of nail designs you should choose, you can just start to do the research. Usually, nice nail designs are relative, meaning that one person may say that the nail design is nice, and one person may say that it’s not. It depends on your taste as well, so whatever people say about your nail designs but as long as you like it then youe nail design is nice.
If you are a girly girl, you can try the pink color nail design. If you are about to go outdoor activities, nail designs with bright color can be very mesmerizing. If you don’t really like bright color, you can choose nice dark colors like black, violet, and any other dark colors. Don’t hesitate to find the suitable nice nail designs for yourself.


Nice Nail Designs for Short nails

Nice Neon Nail Polish Designs

Nice Neon Nail Polish Designs


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