Beautiful Nails

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Nails are the horn-like feature that covers the tips of all fingers in a human. Different people have a different perception of the use of the nails. Some use them as a means of self-defense while others, mostly ladies, use them as a beauty attraction. Mostly all women or girls share the same belief when it comes to the nails. They all believe in that the nails play a significant role in one’s beauty. Beautiful nails are the wishes of all ladies out there. The nails may be long or short, but each one will have his way of making them attractive.

There are artificial nails that replace the natural nails in case one feels the natural ones are not much appealing. To maintain your nails at a physical level, you must practice some tips that will influence the condition of your nails. The applicable tips for beautiful nails include:

1. Always use moisturizer

Many of us are fond of applying moisturizers in our hands mostly after taking a shower. You should no longer exclude your nails anymore. Apply also to the nails to make them soft and avoid drying. If you can afford coconut oil, it is excellent in rubbing into the nails and cuticles.

2. Take care for your cuticles

When you attend a salon for a manicure, always ensure that they do not trim your cuticles. The skins play a significant role in preventing harmful bacteria on your nails. Advice them to use a cuticle pusher to push it back after applying moistening oils.

3. Always use soft polish

Do you have nail polish or willing to buy one? Then you should not use a nail polish that is harsh to your nails. The nails polish contains toxic chemicals that include toluene, camphor and many more.

4. Buffing them instead of coloring

Buffing is not more attractive as coloring but once you take your time and buff the nails properly, then you will go a long way. While trimming, avoid sawing the nails back and forth since you will be weakening your nails.

5. Always choose a good remover

Avoid using removers that contain acetone. Removers that will cause less or no harm on your nails are available in the shops.

6. Eat well always

In maintaining healthy nails, diet plays a significant role. Consumption of proteins is crucial as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Taking in a lot of water will also make your body stay hydrated.

As well as applying some practices in maintaining beautiful nails, you should have knowledge of what you should never do. Some of the practices to avoid include

7. Over-buffing

Too much of the practice will eventually cause friction with a built-up heat that will automatically weaken the nails. Always use a lightly smooth ridges buffer.

8. Never bite your nails or use as tools

In using your nails in this both activities, then you will be weakening or easily break them. If you accidently get a deep tear, amend it by trimming until it has a chance to grow out again.

With maintaining the good condition of your nails, it will be less expensive in executing nail beauty. You can decide whether you will remain on natural beauty or go ahead in seeking the artificial beauty of the nails which I both cases, beauty matters.

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