Best Nail Colors To Match Your Skin Tone

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Smart women do not ooze with confidence, but know how to look good. Women do it by starting to embrace their complexion; she then chooses the best dresses she could wear on all occasions bearing in mind that she would stand out, and then she identifies what accessories work best with her get up including her nail polish.

Given the number of nail polish brands and nail polish colors available in the market, it would be quite a challenge to pick the one that does not only look good at you, but you do also love. If you are caught in a dilemma as to what colors you should choose, here are some top recommendations.

Pale Complexions

The most common mistakes of women with pale complexions when it comes to choosing nail colors are when they stick to super dark ones. Yes, it is true that your pale skin makes the colors pop, but it will also make you look paler too. You have to remember that you stick with those colors that will compliment your skin tone. Your collection of nail polishes should include pastel pinks, beige, pale beige, blues, and greens.

Light Complexions

Women that have light complexions or commonly known as fair skins have more shades to choose from. Pastel nail polishes look good on you too, but lighter colors would look on you better. Colors such light purple, reds, darker pinks, berry shades, soft oranges, beige, silver and white. If you want to stay simple yet chic, you can always go for French manicures or French tips. You have to avoid gold, dark orange, black, green, and very dark blue.

Tan Complexions

If your skin is naturally tan, you should go for warm colors. These colors include but are not limited to purples, pinks, light blues, and lighter shades of brown. You should not go for the gold color since it will just match your skin, it would just seem you are not wearing any colors at all.

Olive Complexions

There are two types of olive skinned women: the natural olive and olive medium. The first thing that you need to know if you have olive skin is under what type you do fall. It would be easier to choose your nail polish colors. Olive Skinned women could stand out by wearing peach and gold colors. Women with olive medium complexions should go for nail colors like brown, reddish-browns, and gold. In general, you can wear glittery and metallic colors, lilac, silver, pink, blue, light blue, and vibrant orange. Avoid colors that do not compliment your skin tone.


Dark Complexions

Dark skinned women are better off wearing dark colored nail polishes except dark brown, it would not be flattering at all. In choosing the color to wear, you should consider your complexion. Choose color that compliments your skin tone. Gray, black, dark purple could be worn, but be careful in wearing them because these colors can also disappear given your skin tone. You look better in gold, chocolate brown, dark greens, and deep purples. Do not wear neon colors.

The following are just tips that will help you find a baseline in choosing the nail colors that would work best for you. You can experiment and see if you like the color and it does make you feel good. After all, women should always trust your gut feel, since it does never fail you.

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