Black and White Nail Designs

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If you have never experienced the most loved combination, just go for black and white nail design. This is an art which looks good and goes with any outfit.

Types of black and white nail designs

The following are some of the best black and white nail arts which you can choose from:

1. Abstract nail art design

This is one of the designs which look best in black and white combination. The art is created by painting the nails in white and adding a few strokes and dots in black.

2. Freehand nail design

The nail art looks gorgeous in black and white combination. You can paint butterflies using black and white colors. Alternatively, you can add white flowers over black or vise versa. This can be done by painting white colors on your nails. After the white colors have been dried up, you can paint black branches on the nail tips. Consequently, add very small black leaves.

3. Glitter nail design

You can either white glitter polish over black or black glitter nail art polish over white. This is a method which is not only easy but saves time.

4. Zebra print nail design

Zebra print art looks very pretty in color as it is in its natural form. What you need to do is to pain your nails in white. Moreover, add fork like alternating stripes. This pattern can also be stamped and it will look very chic. To enhance the beauty of this combination, add a third color. Red or hot pink is most preferred since it will make the combination to look great.

5. Stripes nail design

The design is the same as zebra print as it also make the nails to look pretty. The stripes can be painted in vertical, horizontal or diagonal position. The initial step is to paint your base in white or black color. By use of a stripper or a precision brush, draw lines in whichever position you prefer. For you to get straight lines, ensure that you keep your hand steady. You can also stamp stripes by using a stamp striping template. Basing on the way you want your stripes to look like, you can put thick or thin stripes.

6. Polka dots nail design

This is a black and white nail design which will not only look chic but also classy. Just paint your nails in white or black color and put dots using a dotting tool. You can also use a toothpick istead of a dotting tool. Small or medium-sized polka dots can be added according to the way your like. An alternative method is to stamp the polka dot nail designs.

Black and white is an ultimate combination of colors. As mentioned above, the colors always look pretty when used on your nails. In fact, there is nothing which is more beautiful than seeing a lady with a well done manicure. If have been wondering what to do when it comes to nail coloring, you needn’t to worry since you can look at the beautiful designs highlighted. As a result, your nails will look amazing with the black and white polishes. Therefore, you will get a versatile look if you choose one of the designs.


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