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Acrylic Nail Designs: How To Put Acrylic Nails Like A Pro

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Have you ever dreamed of having the perfect acrylic nail designs even just for a day? Do you like an instant nail makeover for a lesser cost? What if there is a step-by-step guide that will walk you through in achieving the best nails, would you like to know more about it? If your answer is yes to the entire question, then just read on to find out how you can make use of acrylic nail designs in getting fashionable nails for.

Purchase Your Acrylic Nail Supplies

You can go to your local stores and check for an acrylic nail kit. The kit should include all of the following:

Nail tips

Nail glue

Nail Clippers

Nail Files

Acrylic liquid

Acrylic powder

Acrylic bowl

Acrylic brush

If you would not be able to find the kit, you can always buy each of the materials that you need separately. You do not have to worry though, because these materials could do you a few nails.

Prep Your Nails

It is very important for you to prep or prepare your nails before putting on your acrylic nails. The regimen that needs to be done when you are having a manicure is exactly the same except that you do not make use of your real nails, but fake ones.

Remove any nail polish. It is very important to ensure you do not have any nail polish at all since it will help the acrylic nails stick better to your real nails. Clip your nails. If you have long nails, you need to clip it short. Besides, you would not like to have a long nail under your acrylic nail it will not look pretty. Always use the nail fail afterwards to even out the edges. Push back cuticles. This is necessary to ensure that your nails can breath and you would have enough room for the base of your acrylic nails. You can use an orange stick to push your cuticles back, just make sure that you soak your hands it lukewarm water before you do it. Scrub your nails. Scrubbing your nails would make the surface a bit rough allowing your acrylic nails to stick better. You might also want to use a nail primer to remove all the oil in your nails before putting the nails.

Prep Your Acrylic Nails

Prepping the nails would include choosing among the tips you want to use. You can place it on top of your nails and see if it would fit best. You might want to trim the nails to have the perfect fit and cut it for the right length. You should also file it to make sure there are no jagged edges.

Once done, you can now glue your nails. Using the nail glue squeeze ample amount of glue on the nail before putting on the acrylic ones, then press the nails for ten seconds before moving forward and completing all then fingers.

It will take some time, but you will master the ratio of liquid and powder acrylic. You can use the bowl and the brush to complete the process. Your acrylic ball should be moist and spreadable but not wet. Put it on the smile portion, the area where your nail tip begins. This is to ensure that you would have even thickness of nails.

Once you are done, you can design your nails to your preference and VIOLA, you have the best nails for a lesser cost and many of your friends would really ask you where have you got the work done.

Cute and Easy Easter Nail Designs

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Some countries celebrate Easter as part of a religious tradition. It is a symbol of hope, forgiveness, and new beginnings. Other nations celebrate it as a festive tradition that is well enjoyed by kids because of the Easter egg hunt. The women, on the other hand, love Easter because of so many things, not to mention you could have the coolest and colorful nails ever.

Smart women know what they want and they feel confident about themselves. They know how to look good and of course feel good. One of the best accessories of every woman is her polished nails. A woman could look cute, classy, cool, etc, depending on what nail color or nail design she has. Since Easter is one of the best occasions that most people, especially women look forward too. Here are cute and easy Easter Nail Designs that you could try.

Ten Bunnies Easter Nail Designs

You can use any polish of your choice. Just see to it that you play with most pastel colors, choose darker colors that complement the pastel ones especially to highlight some parts of the design. Before painting your nails make sure that you have prep your nails. For sure you know how to do it.

You need to choose your base color. You can apply 1 to 2 coats of the color to get the right opacity. If you want to experiment, you can choose your top 5 pastel colors as you base color – one color for each nail. Once you have completed painting all of your nails, you need to let it dry.

Once dry you need to get a white nail polish. Halfway down your nail, draw s half circle. You need also to draw 2 long ears just right above the circle for the bunny ears. To give some contrast. Fill the middle of the ear with a darker shade to have contrast. In the circle, you need to put two dots of black polish for the eyes, just right below the eye, another dot and have some whiskers too. Apply top coat and you are done.

Easter Dots

This design is easier compared to the bunnies. All you need to do is to paint your nails with light or pastel colors. Then you get a while nail polish and randomly place dots on every colored nails. Once you are done, you can apply top coat to seal your design. You might also want to try white stripes instead of dots. The result would still be very Eastery and cute.

Striped Zigzag Easter Nail Designs

This design would require you to use a scotch tape. You should also have one of those zigzag craft scissor. Cut small strips of tape, depending on the length of your nails and the stripes you would like to have, cut enough strips. Make sure all ten nails would have enough.

Apply your favourite basecoat. Let it dry. Once dry, you place the cut strips leaving ample spaces in between. Then you take another color, one that compliments your base color or a darker shade and paint it on your nails. After this process, make sure that you remove the tape five seconds after putting the polish. This will give you a striped effect. You can apply a top coat to seal in your design.

Nail Bar: How To Choose The Perfect Nail Salon

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It is not a crime if you pamper yourself. Women pamper themselves in so many ways; they could either spend some time in a spa with a friend or alone getting a full body massage or a facial. She could also spend some time in a nail salon and gets her nails done. It is impossible for women to feel bad when their nails are done. Pretty nails just make them look good and feel good.

Are you dying to find the best nail bar where you can enjoy a weekend afternoon in and get your nails the kind of pampering it deserves? Have you scouted a few yet you are not sure if the place is even worth a try? Are looking for helpful tip that will help you make an informed decision in choosing your nail bar? If your answer to the entire question is yes, then just read on to find out.

Looking for the best nail bar is like shopping for the best shoes to wear in a party. You have to scout the best brands or names and then evaluate each of them based on your personal criteria and see which among them would suit you and your needs best.

You can search online for the list of the top nail salons in your area. Then you can ask your friends or family if they had tried their services and see how they would rate them and would they recommend you trying their services out. You can always consider their suggestion, but park it for the meantime since you need to evaluate them yourself, after all it is you who is going to try the service and you have unique sets of requirements. Here are some of the features and questions that you could ask to help you assess your nail salon.


1) Is the salon clean?

2) Does the salon have a strong odor?

3) Do the nail technicians sanitize and clean their nail stations?


1) Are the salons and nail technicians licensed?

2) Are the technicians able to help you with any of your nail problem by providing appropriate solutions?

3) Are the technicians competent and experts in providing you advices?


1) For the type of services you are getting, is the price fair?

2) Are the products used safe and prices appropriately?

You can get this information by asking people you know who have had first-hand experience with the salon. You can also visit the nail salons on your nails and ask these questions before going in. There is no crime in asking a question, after all you are the customer and you have all the right to do so.

The best nail salons do not only have the best ambiance, but they have the most qualified professionals that can make you feel look good and feel good. So take your time in choosing them since you want the experience to be worth your while. Surely, if you just keep in mind these guideline questions, you’re on your way to having the best nail experience. Have a happy nail bar pampering!



Best Nail Colors To Match Your Skin Tone

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Smart women do not ooze with confidence, but know how to look good. Women do it by starting to embrace their complexion; she then chooses the best dresses she could wear on all occasions bearing in mind that she would stand out, and then she identifies what accessories work best with her get up including her nail polish.

Given the number of nail polish brands and nail polish colors available in the market, it would be quite a challenge to pick the one that does not only look good at you, but you do also love. If you are caught in a dilemma as to what colors you should choose, here are some top recommendations.

Pale Complexions

The most common mistakes of women with pale complexions when it comes to choosing nail colors are when they stick to super dark ones. Yes, it is true that your pale skin makes the colors pop, but it will also make you look paler too. You have to remember that you stick with those colors that will compliment your skin tone. Your collection of nail polishes should include pastel pinks, beige, pale beige, blues, and greens.

Light Complexions

Women that have light complexions or commonly known as fair skins have more shades to choose from. Pastel nail polishes look good on you too, but lighter colors would look on you better. Colors such light purple, reds, darker pinks, berry shades, soft oranges, beige, silver and white. If you want to stay simple yet chic, you can always go for French manicures or French tips. You have to avoid gold, dark orange, black, green, and very dark blue.

Tan Complexions

If your skin is naturally tan, you should go for warm colors. These colors include but are not limited to purples, pinks, light blues, and lighter shades of brown. You should not go for the gold color since it will just match your skin, it would just seem you are not wearing any colors at all.

Olive Complexions

There are two types of olive skinned women: the natural olive and olive medium. The first thing that you need to know if you have olive skin is under what type you do fall. It would be easier to choose your nail polish colors. Olive Skinned women could stand out by wearing peach and gold colors. Women with olive medium complexions should go for nail colors like brown, reddish-browns, and gold. In general, you can wear glittery and metallic colors, lilac, silver, pink, blue, light blue, and vibrant orange. Avoid colors that do not compliment your skin tone.


Dark Complexions

Dark skinned women are better off wearing dark colored nail polishes except dark brown, it would not be flattering at all. In choosing the color to wear, you should consider your complexion. Choose color that compliments your skin tone. Gray, black, dark purple could be worn, but be careful in wearing them because these colors can also disappear given your skin tone. You look better in gold, chocolate brown, dark greens, and deep purples. Do not wear neon colors.

The following are just tips that will help you find a baseline in choosing the nail colors that would work best for you. You can experiment and see if you like the color and it does make you feel good. After all, women should always trust your gut feel, since it does never fail you.

What You Need to Know About Nail Stamping Technique

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Nail stamping is a technique that is used for decorating your nails with a number of designs. It is a unique art form which allows you to choose from thousands of plated designs and customised designs to improve the looks of your nails as well as your entire personality just for fun or for some special occasion.

This form of nail art allows you to embellish each and every nail with different and even with several designs on each nail instead of painting the nails with one colour as done in traditional way till now. So this technique allows you to stamp same design in different colours or different designs in various colours only on a single nail. You can also enhance the beauty of your nails by beautifying them with a combination of techniques including fixing rhinestones on the top coat of plain colour on the nails. The other techniques used for this purpose may include taping, dotting, home made nail decals and sponging. But while choosing colours for nail stamping you should keep in mind that contrast colours can decorate them more attractively instead of choosing the combination of light colours.

Equipment required for stamping nails

A stamp, an image plate and a scraper include the equipment required to perform this nail art. You can buy them from any online or offline store dealing in art equipment and accessories of different brands. You should buy standard equipment kit from popular brands to get better results from the very start if you are new to this art form. This kit must include a stamp, one image plate, polish and a scraper so that you need not waste time in search of any important thing.

Using the equipment

Image plate: While starting to use nail stamping kit you should check the image plate as sometimes it is wrapped with a piece of plastic or coated on the back to protect them from the sharp edges of the scraper during transit. You should remove this coating or piece of plastic before using the image plates.

Scraper: Moreover two types of scrapers are used for this nail art, plastic and metal. Some people prefer to use plastic scraper as metal scraper can create scratches on the image plate. Though the use of metal scraper does not affect the image but damages the looks of the plate.

Polish: Certain nail polishes are also recommended by the suppliers to use on the stamping to maintain their consistency for long time. So if you are new to nail art then you can use nail polishes specially made for this purpose to retain them for long. Though one coat of a normal polish with excellent coverage can be a good choice for this purpose but you can also use holographic and metallic polishes instead of glitters for enhancing the looks of your nail stamping. In order to be sure about the suitability of a polish with your stamping design you can test it on a paper.

Thus with nail stamping you can enhance the beauty of your hands along with your overall personality.


Diamond Nails: How to Perfectly Bling You’re Nails

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Plain nail polishes these days are still good, but if you are looking for a more modern nail polish, you have to try “nail art”. A “nail art” is a process that does not involve painting your nails, but it involves decorating or designing your nails. Over the years, nail art has been widely affecting how women value the importance of their nails and how they have to take care of them, since your finger nails are one of your best “built-in” accessories. Sometimes, it just takes pretty nails to complete your look.

So, if you are like me, the reason why you have reached this page is because, you wanted to find the best nail designs that would help you achieve the best bedazzled look. Well, you are not wrong. I will be sharing to you a simple nail design that would be perfect for any occasion. This design requires you to bling your nails and make you stand out.

Have you ever heard of diamond nails? If you were not born under a rock and you polish your nails once in a while, diamond nails might have just came across to you. Do not worry this does not include nail polished that would be around $250 per bottle. This look will only cost you a few dollars and loads of patience, but the result is just perfect.

So, to achieve the diamond nails, here is the list of what you would need.

-A good quality of small rhinestones, preferably a clear one for a more realistic diamond resemblance-A nail polish of your choice – Top Coat and Base Coat Orange Stick – Nail Polish Remover – Q-tips

How to have the best perfectly blinged diamond nails?

Before proceeding, let me remind you that you can do loads of design. The bling can be made as an accent nail or you can choose to have bits and pieces of your rhinestones on each nails. Whichever you prefer all method promises great results. After all, nothing could go wrong with bedazzled nails. For this article I am going to provide a step-by-step guide for a diamond nail design with the diamond nail as an accent nail.

Using the wider tip of an orange stick, push the cuticle of your nails back to have a neater finish. Do it on all nails. Once done, apply base coat to protect your natural nails. Apply the nail polish of your choice in all of your nails except the ring finger for your accent nail. Remember, you accent nail can be any nail of your choice. I always like my ring finger as an accent nail. On the ring finger, you can apply a top coat the nail to glue the rhinestones. Cover the whole nail with rhinestones. You might require adding a few coats of top coat to ensure that the glued stones are sturdy to last longer. Once the entire nail on your ring finger is covered. Apply a generous amount of topcoat on it to seal the stones. Apply also top coat to the rest of the fingers to seal the polish or design and to add a beautiful shine.

Now you have the best diamond nails. Remember this design is very flexible and you can add this design in all other designs to make your nails look elegant, modern, and posh. Good luck!


Miracle Gel Nail Polish – Perfect Gel Nails without The UV Light

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Nail polishes are just like makeup except you just specifically use it on your fingernails. Just like make up, nail polishes make your nails very nice to wear as one of your “built in” accessories. Choosing the best nail polish matter when you wanted to ensure that your nails looks very pretty and wearable especially on days when you require them to be, like going to work, meeting up with friends, etc.

So, if you are just like me who loves nail polishes, you might want to know about nail polishes that would last for a week before you could change them. Yes, there are nail polishes that you could apply on your nails that last longer that your regular nail polishes. A gel nail polish is a type of nail polish that pretty much does what I have stated earlier. Once applied, it has a very nice and shiny finish and it last long.

You might have heard about a gel nail polish. Even Michelle Obama was noticed to have been hooked up to this type of nail polish. Well, a single trip to the salon might just cost you around $30 or more for sessions, but it would really be worth it. Most gel nail polishes do not require drying time, but an exposure to a UV light. The UV light kit looks similar to a nail oven. The UV light helps the nail polish to stick to the nails and make a long lasting effect.

Some experts states that constant exposure to UV light is very harmful to your body especially your hands, it skills your nail beds and might just cause a permanent damage to your nails. After reading articles about these side effects, I was able to do some rain check if I would really like to risk in exposing my fingers into UV every time I have gel nails, and then I have realized, the possible effect is very disastrous and it is not worth it.

The good news is, I was able to check on some nail polish brands and was able to find the Miracle Gel Nail Polish formula by Sally Hansen and what made me purchase the kit (a miracle gel nail polish and s step 2 top coat) is the fact that you do not need to expose your fingers to UV light. The kit cost about $15 and purchasing another color is for $10.

I have applied the nail polish and was able to find out that I have to apply 2 coats of the nail polish to achieve the right opacity. Once done, I applied the top coat and have run through the edges of the nails to ensure that the polish is locked up and to ensure longevity. Just like the regular nail polishes, you just need to give it some time to dry, but once dry it looks like a salon manicure. Just perfect! It does not last long than the real deal, but it last for a week and I find it very cool since I used to change or cover chips of my nail polishes every two days. So, try the new nail polish formula by Sally Hansen and see for yourself.

I just love the product that I have purchased 5 more colors before writing this review.

How To Do A Perfect Shellac Manicure At Home

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Girls love painting their nails. If you are reading this material right now, then you are one among the many girls who just finds pleasure in putting nail polish and making your nails look very beautiful. A beautiful nail is one of the best accessories a girl could ever have. Today, the manicures have just stepped up a notch by not only painting your nails, but so as designing them.

If you have been coloring your nail for a while now, you would be aware that depending on your activity your nail polish just chips off most often than not in less than a week. If you want to maintain your nail color for more than a week, you might want to cover the chipped areas with the same color or just remove the color and repaint your nails again. This could be very tedious sometimes, especially when you do not have much time to prep your nails for an occasion, but a girl has got to do, what she has got to do.

Have you ever wished of a nail product that could provide you long lasting colors and shine without chipping off? If you do, you need to know the CND Shellac nail color. This brand takes pride in producing wide variety of shellac nail colors that you can wear for 16 days max and still looks exactly as perfect as the first time you put it in your nails.

There are different salons that offer shellac manicure. One visit can cost you $20-$30. To some this might not be much, but for those who know on how to paint their nails very well you can buy the entire kit and just paint your nails on your own.

Where can you buy the shellac manicure set?

You can buy it from there website, or you can buy it from There reviews that you can read online stating that they have purchased their shellac manicure set on ebay for just $130 or so.

What does the shellac manicure set include?

The kit includes: base coat, top coat, two colors of your choice, and the nail oven. Given the price this is just worth every penny. Unlike regular nail polishes, shellac nail colors are applied in thin coats. You just need to apply two very thin coats on your nails and your done; therefore, buying the kit could be a good way to save some cash if you can make use of the product for a very long time.

How to use shellac nail colors?

It is very easy. After prepping your nails, you can apply a very thin layer of basecoat in all of your nails, and then put your hands in the oven for 2 minutes. After that, you can apply two coats of the color you prefer. Remember, two very thin coats, and then put your hand back to the oven for another two minutes. Then, put on the top coat, again, one thin layer and then to the oven for 2 minutes. Once you are done with your nails, you need to wipe the top with an alcohol. You can do so by using just a napkin. You do this process to avoid the stickiness. Do not worry you would not ruin your nails. Voila! Perfect Shellac manicure.

Shellac Nails: How to Remove Them Safely At Home

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I hate chipped nails and I am not the type of person who has the liberty of time to change my nail polish every 2 or three days. So, if you are reading this because you are faced with the same dilemma, then cheers! I am writing this material because I am eager to share some methods or brands of nail polishes that will help you achieve the best long lasting polished nails.

Shellac nails and gel nails are two of the hottest trend in the nail industry today. Most nails salons have doubled their income by providing these two services. I have tried both and the results were exemplary. You can do every activity that you do on a daily basis without worrying about chipped nails or without the need of reapplying top coats to maintain the glossy finish. A session of either having a shellac or gel mani would cost you from $20 -$30 dollars. It is relatively inexpensive, but I the next sessions where DIY.

Today, I have preferred shellac nails because I have read articles about the risk involved in constant UV light exposure. I cannot afford to have dead nail beds or worst cancer. So, I have opted for a safer alternative. To achieve perfect salon-like shellac mani, I have checked online for the CND Shellac Nail Kit and I have found one in ebay for about $130 and it already includes the nail oven. Perfect! The kit also includes a base coat and top coat and two nail polish color of your choice. I love my Shellac nails kit.

I have enjoyed my nails, but I have to admit that removing them really takes a while. I have watched a lot of video tutorials hoping to find the best way to remove my shellac nails and through a collaborative input I was able to manage to remove shellac nail polish way easily at home without spending too much.

Here are the things that you need:

5 – 8cotton pads, cut 5 pieces into ¼ pieces leaving the three for extra use Pure Acetone , the acetone nail polish remover will not work Kitchen Foil, cut into small squares enough to cover your fingers. Scissors, for cutting Orange Stick Cuticle Moisturizer

How to remove the shellac nail polish?

You would need to soak your cut cotton pads wit acetone. Cover each of your fingers. Once the cotton is placed properly and has covered each of your nails. Wrap each of your fingers with the kitchen foil properly. Make sure all fingers are covered tight enough to let no air pass through. Leave it for 10 minutes. Before completely removing the foil, make sure that you hold the tip of the wrapped finger where the cotton is placed and give it a good twist to shake off the polish. Most of the nail polish would not be removed, but do not fret. You just need to get your orange stick and flake off the excess polish. Remember not to scrape since it is not necessary and will just damage your nails. If there are stubborn particles of nail polish, you can soak your remaining cotton pad with acetone and you just need to rub it to areas that require it. Do the process to all of your nails. Once done, make sure that you moisturize your nails with a good moisturizer and in a few days you are ready for a new nail polish


How To Achieve The Perfect Stiletto Nails Using Fake Nails

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Do your nails need a quick makeover? Do you want to try a new nail shape, but your nails are just not fit for it? Well, if your answer to the entire question is yes, then read on through this material to know great tips on how to achieve the perfect stiletto nails using only fake nails.

My nails are normally square tip because I very much like it that way and I feel like my fingers looks great that way; unfortunately, there are just days and occasions that square tip finger nails seem not to fit the requirement, if that makes sense. For example last Halloween, I joined a Halloween party and I have decided to go as Evanora (the bad which of Emerald City from the Movie Oz the Great and Powerful) and to make sure that I would portray her perfectly I have to have the perfect stiletto nails.

I do not wish to change the shape of my nails so I was planning on having acrylic nails instead; unfortunately, I have had mu fair share of bad experiences with acrylic nails and I do not have plans of getting through that phase again, so I have stick to nail glue and fake nails since I do not have plans of wearing it for a long time. I was able to achieve my perfect evil Evanora Stilleto nails and here is how I did it.

For the nails:

Nail Glue Fake Nails, preferably nails that can be used as full nails or tip Nail Clippers Nail File Nail polish, for design Cuticle pusher Nail Buffer

What to do:

Clip your original nails to provide space for your fake nails. If you have nail polish on your nails, you have to remove it before gluing the fake nails. Using a cuticle pusher, you need to push your cuticles back to make your nails look neater. Take the nail buffer and buff your nails a little bit, to ensure that your fake nails would adhere better. Glue your fake nails. You might need to file the edges of the nails before gluing it to ensure that they just fit your nail bed perfectly. So, apply a generous amount of glue on nails to ensure it holds strong. Hold the nail for a few seconds to make sure it does not fall off while the glue hardens. Just be patient it does not take that long. Glue all your nails on. Once you are sure that all nails have dried up, using your nail clippers again, clip your nails to your desired length. Clip again the side of your nails to form a rectangular finish. Using a nail file, file the clipped portion of the nails and just file your nails according to a shape of a stiletto nails. Once done, just apply your favorite nail polish. In my case, to complete my Halloween look, I have created the Evanora nail design. You can look for how to videos on how her nail design could be achieved.

So, make sure that you have great stiletto nails in Halloween on year round with the help of fake nails and nail glue.