Cute and Easy Easter Nail Designs

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Some countries celebrate Easter as part of a religious tradition. It is a symbol of hope, forgiveness, and new beginnings. Other nations celebrate it as a festive tradition that is well enjoyed by kids because of the Easter egg hunt. The women, on the other hand, love Easter because of so many things, not to mention you could have the coolest and colorful nails ever.

Smart women know what they want and they feel confident about themselves. They know how to look good and of course feel good. One of the best accessories of every woman is her polished nails. A woman could look cute, classy, cool, etc, depending on what nail color or nail design she has. Since Easter is one of the best occasions that most people, especially women look forward too. Here are cute and easy Easter Nail Designs that you could try.

Ten Bunnies Easter Nail Designs

You can use any polish of your choice. Just see to it that you play with most pastel colors, choose darker colors that complement the pastel ones especially to highlight some parts of the design. Before painting your nails make sure that you have prep your nails. For sure you know how to do it.

You need to choose your base color. You can apply 1 to 2 coats of the color to get the right opacity. If you want to experiment, you can choose your top 5 pastel colors as you base color – one color for each nail. Once you have completed painting all of your nails, you need to let it dry.

Once dry you need to get a white nail polish. Halfway down your nail, draw s half circle. You need also to draw 2 long ears just right above the circle for the bunny ears. To give some contrast. Fill the middle of the ear with a darker shade to have contrast. In the circle, you need to put two dots of black polish for the eyes, just right below the eye, another dot and have some whiskers too. Apply top coat and you are done.

Easter Dots

This design is easier compared to the bunnies. All you need to do is to paint your nails with light or pastel colors. Then you get a while nail polish and randomly place dots on every colored nails. Once you are done, you can apply top coat to seal your design. You might also want to try white stripes instead of dots. The result would still be very Eastery and cute.

Striped Zigzag Easter Nail Designs

This design would require you to use a scotch tape. You should also have one of those zigzag craft scissor. Cut small strips of tape, depending on the length of your nails and the stripes you would like to have, cut enough strips. Make sure all ten nails would have enough.

Apply your favourite basecoat. Let it dry. Once dry, you place the cut strips leaving ample spaces in between. Then you take another color, one that compliments your base color or a darker shade and paint it on your nails. After this process, make sure that you remove the tape five seconds after putting the polish. This will give you a striped effect. You can apply a top coat to seal in your design.

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