Diamond Nails: How to Perfectly Bling You’re Nails

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Plain nail polishes these days are still good, but if you are looking for a more modern nail polish, you have to try “nail art”. A “nail art” is a process that does not involve painting your nails, but it involves decorating or designing your nails. Over the years, nail art has been widely affecting how women value the importance of their nails and how they have to take care of them, since your finger nails are one of your best “built-in” accessories. Sometimes, it just takes pretty nails to complete your look.

So, if you are like me, the reason why you have reached this page is because, you wanted to find the best nail designs that would help you achieve the best bedazzled look. Well, you are not wrong. I will be sharing to you a simple nail design that would be perfect for any occasion. This design requires you to bling your nails and make you stand out.

Have you ever heard of diamond nails? If you were not born under a rock and you polish your nails once in a while, diamond nails might have just came across to you. Do not worry this does not include nail polished that would be around $250 per bottle. This look will only cost you a few dollars and loads of patience, but the result is just perfect.

So, to achieve the diamond nails, here is the list of what you would need.

-A good quality of small rhinestones, preferably a clear one for a more realistic diamond resemblance-A nail polish of your choice – Top Coat and Base Coat Orange Stick – Nail Polish Remover – Q-tips

How to have the best perfectly blinged diamond nails?

Before proceeding, let me remind you that you can do loads of design. The bling can be made as an accent nail or you can choose to have bits and pieces of your rhinestones on each nails. Whichever you prefer all method promises great results. After all, nothing could go wrong with bedazzled nails. For this article I am going to provide a step-by-step guide for a diamond nail design with the diamond nail as an accent nail.

Using the wider tip of an orange stick, push the cuticle of your nails back to have a neater finish. Do it on all nails. Once done, apply base coat to protect your natural nails. Apply the nail polish of your choice in all of your nails except the ring finger for your accent nail. Remember, you accent nail can be any nail of your choice. I always like my ring finger as an accent nail. On the ring finger, you can apply a top coat the nail to glue the rhinestones. Cover the whole nail with rhinestones. You might require adding a few coats of top coat to ensure that the glued stones are sturdy to last longer. Once the entire nail on your ring finger is covered. Apply a generous amount of topcoat on it to seal the stones. Apply also top coat to the rest of the fingers to seal the polish or design and to add a beautiful shine.

Now you have the best diamond nails. Remember this design is very flexible and you can add this design in all other designs to make your nails look elegant, modern, and posh. Good luck!


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