Halloween Nail Art Ideas that Will Make You the Talk of the Neighborhood

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 Undoubtedly, Halloween is one of the most interesting seasons of the year. All the fun and spooky games people play, the endless pranks, joy, and laughter makes this a period to remember. This Halloween, if you want to take the game a notch higher, and to appear as spooky as ever, you can try a few Halloween nail art ideas. You do not have to invest a lot although it rewards handsomely if you are a bit experienced in nail art. There are tens of ideas you can try out and although some of them might appear to be out of reach for an average person, they are worth a try.

Fangs and claws

The idea is to look as spooky as possible. Nothing can better achieve this than fangs drawn on your nails. You may think that this is hard to accomplish but it is not. You start by applying a base coat. You can make the base shimmery so that the rest of the art is easily visible. Make the drawings with a thin brush and draw two small triangles with the thin edge facing downwards. They should not be too long as you have to draw the blood. With a red brush, drop a few dots at the bottom tip of the fangs and give it adequate time to dry. The key is to make it look real and interesting. If you want it to spice it up, you should wear an outfit that compliments the fang-like nail art.


Even in the absence of fancy nail art, a drawing of a spider web on a jacket always gives a creepy feeling. When you add this to well done nail art, it completes the spooky look. This is easily achievable as you only need a brush and several colors of polish. Start with any solid base of your choosing. You can opt for blue or purple as you need a brighter color to draw the webs. Draw three diagonal lines and then make tiny half circles to give an image of a web. If you want to make it more unique and appealing, you can draw funny skulls on two of the fingers.  This might be a hard stunt to pull off and you might require an experienced hand. Ensure that skulls are clearly visible and the base and the overcoat are of the same color to that of the spider web.

Blood splash

A Halloween without blood splatters is not one worth mentioning. There are tens of ways you can accomplish this but you need to create a pattern that is believable and equally spooky. Apply the base coat on your and ensure that the nails are long enough so as to make it creepy. If your nails are not of the desired length, you should consider using fake nails. The longer the nails, the easier it is to apply the polish and the more believable it becomes. With a thick red brush, create an image of blood sprays on your nails but do not follow any particular pattern. One finger should have uneven splashes while others should have thick or thin splashes.  The choice of the colors should also be different. While on some fingers you have thick red, others should have very light red almost bordering on maroon.

Halloween comes once a year and it is important that you strive to make the best out of it. Halloween nail art comes in handy if you want to have a memorable night. The list of the ideas that you can take up is endless but you can always trust the above mentioned to get you ahead of the pack.

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