How To Achieve The Perfect Stiletto Nails Using Fake Nails

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Do your nails need a quick makeover? Do you want to try a new nail shape, but your nails are just not fit for it? Well, if your answer to the entire question is yes, then read on through this material to know great tips on how to achieve the perfect stiletto nails using only fake nails.

My nails are normally square tip because I very much like it that way and I feel like my fingers looks great that way; unfortunately, there are just days and occasions that square tip finger nails seem not to fit the requirement, if that makes sense. For example last Halloween, I joined a Halloween party and I have decided to go as Evanora (the bad which of Emerald City from the Movie Oz the Great and Powerful) and to make sure that I would portray her perfectly I have to have the perfect stiletto nails.

I do not wish to change the shape of my nails so I was planning on having acrylic nails instead; unfortunately, I have had mu fair share of bad experiences with acrylic nails and I do not have plans of getting through that phase again, so I have stick to nail glue and fake nails since I do not have plans of wearing it for a long time. I was able to achieve my perfect evil Evanora Stilleto nails and here is how I did it.

For the nails:

Nail Glue Fake Nails, preferably nails that can be used as full nails or tip Nail Clippers Nail File Nail polish, for design Cuticle pusher Nail Buffer

What to do:

Clip your original nails to provide space for your fake nails. If you have nail polish on your nails, you have to remove it before gluing the fake nails. Using a cuticle pusher, you need to push your cuticles back to make your nails look neater. Take the nail buffer and buff your nails a little bit, to ensure that your fake nails would adhere better. Glue your fake nails. You might need to file the edges of the nails before gluing it to ensure that they just fit your nail bed perfectly. So, apply a generous amount of glue on nails to ensure it holds strong. Hold the nail for a few seconds to make sure it does not fall off while the glue hardens. Just be patient it does not take that long. Glue all your nails on. Once you are sure that all nails have dried up, using your nail clippers again, clip your nails to your desired length. Clip again the side of your nails to form a rectangular finish. Using a nail file, file the clipped portion of the nails and just file your nails according to a shape of a stiletto nails. Once done, just apply your favorite nail polish. In my case, to complete my Halloween look, I have created the Evanora nail design. You can look for how to videos on how her nail design could be achieved.

So, make sure that you have great stiletto nails in Halloween on year round with the help of fake nails and nail glue.


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