How to Create DIY Nail Stickers

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Nail stickers are pretty awesome, but did you know that you could create them on your own? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the whole process is actually quite easy, and can be done with a few items around the house. So if you want to create your own custom nail stickers, then here’s what you need to do. 

Step 1 

To create your own nail stickers, you will require the following items: 

– Two or Three Contrasting Nail Polishes 
– A Zip Lock Bag
– A Top Coat
– A Pair of Scissors
– A Tweezer 

Step 2 

Now, that you have your tools, the next thing that you’ll need to do is to paint each nail polish color onto your zip lock bag. Make sure that each batch of painted polish is roughly the same size as your nails. They also need to be rather thick, so that they won’t tear apart later on. When you’re finished, leave them there to dry for 10 to 12 hours. 

Step 3 

Once each batch of painted polish has dried, gently peel them off the surface of your zip lock bag using your tweezers. After you’re done, take your scissors and cut out whatever pattern, shape or symbols you want for your DIY nail stickers. For example, if you want to create a nail sticker that features a star, then what you need to do is to cut out a star from one of your dried nail polish, while creating a star silhouette on the other. The idea here is that both nail polish patterns fit into each other, thus creating a perfect pattern for your nails. 

Step 4 

Now, that you have your patterns, the next thing that you will have to work on are your base colors. Choose a color that you like, and paint it onto the surface of your nails. Also, make sure that your base colors complement the colors of your dried stickers. 

Once the nail polish has dried on your nails, it’s time to apply your dried stickers. So apply your cut out stickers gently onto your nails, into a pattern of your choice. Wait for them to dry before trimming away excess strips of polish that go outside the borders of your nails. 

Step 5

Finally, add some glossy top coat on your nails to keep the stickers in place, and that’s basically it. Congratulations. You’ve created your very own DIY nail stickers. 

Additional Reminders 

Keep in mind that this process is not always easy for beginners. Like most artistic projects, it takes quite a bit of practice to create the exceptional looking nail sticker, which is why you should start with very simple patterns. Later, when you’ve gotten used to the process, you can try other nail sticker variants. 

Creating nail stickers is a relatively easy process, and it allows you to experiment with various patterns and colors. So if you’ve never had the chance to create your very own stickers, then go ahead and give them a try. You’ll be surprised at how fun the whole process can be.

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