Learning How to Do Nail Art in a Few Simple Steps

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If you want to look beautiful always, you should be prepared to make the necessary effort. Some looks come naturally but others have to be cultivated and enhanced constantly. Nail art has emerged to be one way through which women can maintain an elegant and classy look without spending too much on it. The beauty of nail art is that it does not necessarily have to be done in salons and beauty spas; it can be done from the comfort of your own house.  Right from your house, you can create your own designs, try them out and accomplish your desired look within no time.  Learning how to do nail art is the right place to start.

Clean your nails

Nail art should be done on clean nails. Indeed this is the most crucial step if you want to look elegant afterwards. This means that you need to remove old polish still appearing on your nails. The process of removing old polish is simple as all you require is a polish remover and a piece of cotton wool. If you do not have a polish remover, you can use methylated spirit as it is known to deliver similar results. Ensure that every bit of the polish is removed leaving the nails in their natural condition. The basic essence of clean nails is to give you a smooth surface on which to work on. Unclean nails often leave bumps which might spoil the final outlook of the designs.

Tidy up your nails

Before you start, it is crucial to ensure that your nails have been well trimmed and filed. Shape the nails in the most fanciful way you can but to do make trim them too much. For best results, it is important that your nails be relatively longer so that you can have adequate nail space to work on. For those with nails that are too short, there are always other options including the use of fake one or plastic stickers.

First coat

Like any basic makeup, you have to apply the base coat. This coat usually comes in a clear color and is meant to offer a protective coat to your nails. Your nails are delicate and they can sometimes be stained by nail art materials. After applying the base coat, give adequate time to your nails to dry. Do not touch it or rub against any surface. Always go for the type of base coat that you find desirable. The color of the base however is to be determined by your desired outcome. If you want to have shimmering results, it is always important to consider using clear or watery base coat.

Choose the design

This is the most important step and also the most laborious. If you want to learn how to do nail art, you have to get the designs right. Do not go for complicated designs just because they look good on others, start small then progress to other designs when you have gained more experience. According to nail experts, there are several designs that you can choose from but for meticulous results some require experienced hands.  For a start however, it is advisable that you commence with two colors that you find most preferable. You can use a manicure sticker to help you create the desired shapes. After applying the paint on the nail remove the sticker before it dries up. If you find the applied design desirable, allow it to dry and then apply a clear coat on top. This is the basic process and you can use it even when doing complicated nail arts.


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