Miracle Gel Nail Polish – Perfect Gel Nails without The UV Light

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Nail polishes are just like makeup except you just specifically use it on your fingernails. Just like make up, nail polishes make your nails very nice to wear as one of your “built in” accessories. Choosing the best nail polish matter when you wanted to ensure that your nails looks very pretty and wearable especially on days when you require them to be, like going to work, meeting up with friends, etc.

So, if you are just like me who loves nail polishes, you might want to know about nail polishes that would last for a week before you could change them. Yes, there are nail polishes that you could apply on your nails that last longer that your regular nail polishes. A gel nail polish is a type of nail polish that pretty much does what I have stated earlier. Once applied, it has a very nice and shiny finish and it last long.

You might have heard about a gel nail polish. Even Michelle Obama was noticed to have been hooked up to this type of nail polish. Well, a single trip to the salon might just cost you around $30 or more for sessions, but it would really be worth it. Most gel nail polishes do not require drying time, but an exposure to a UV light. The UV light kit looks similar to a nail oven. The UV light helps the nail polish to stick to the nails and make a long lasting effect.

Some experts states that constant exposure to UV light is very harmful to your body especially your hands, it skills your nail beds and might just cause a permanent damage to your nails. After reading articles about these side effects, I was able to do some rain check if I would really like to risk in exposing my fingers into UV every time I have gel nails, and then I have realized, the possible effect is very disastrous and it is not worth it.

The good news is, I was able to check on some nail polish brands and was able to find the Miracle Gel Nail Polish formula by Sally Hansen and what made me purchase the kit (a miracle gel nail polish and s step 2 top coat) is the fact that you do not need to expose your fingers to UV light. The kit cost about $15 and purchasing another color is for $10.

I have applied the nail polish and was able to find out that I have to apply 2 coats of the nail polish to achieve the right opacity. Once done, I applied the top coat and have run through the edges of the nails to ensure that the polish is locked up and to ensure longevity. Just like the regular nail polishes, you just need to give it some time to dry, but once dry it looks like a salon manicure. Just perfect! It does not last long than the real deal, but it last for a week and I find it very cool since I used to change or cover chips of my nail polishes every two days. So, try the new nail polish formula by Sally Hansen and see for yourself.

I just love the product that I have purchased 5 more colors before writing this review.

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