Nail Art Supplies Shopping Guide

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Nail art is in vogue and if you want to look your best it is important that you invest in it.  Well trimmed nails with beautiful decorations signify a person mindful of their appearance and aesthetic sensibility. You may be having nicely cut and velvety looking nails but you can always trust nail art to give you that professional and exquisite look you have always been yearning for. However, immense effort should be employed to ensure that your nail art supplies are safe, healthy and appropriate for you.

Variety of nail art

Nail art comes in different styles and any interested buyer should decide depending on their tastes and also the nature of their work. Nail stickers are some of the most preferred styles of nail art as they can be applied easily and also removed.  These stickers come in several designs but the most common are vinyl and appliqués. For the appliqués, they are first dipped in water then applied to the nails and covered with a clear polish as the final coat. The same case is done with the vinyl stick-ons although they require longer time after the application of the top coat. To look your best, it is essential that you pay attention to the designs and the images appearing on the stickers.

For those ladies looking for extended nail lengths, you can give fake nails a try. The difference between fake nails and the stickers is that the fake nails are rigid and are made from plastic unlike the stickers that are made of thin materials. You can either have long fake nails or you can trim them to fit the size of your nails. If you want to lengthen your nails further, you can do so with nail tips. They are also made of plastic and come with sticking adhesive.

Nail polishes

Nail polishes come in different kinds and they serve a variety of purposes. For the best nail art, it is crucial to pick the right polish for your skin tone and also for the texture of your nails. Polish comes in a variety of colors and textures. If you are a novice in nail art, it is always crucial to seek the assistance of a professional when picking the most appropriate nail polish.

Brushes and pens

One of the most important nail art supplies is the brush. Like most other accessories, it comes in different varieties. The choice of each type of a brush is dependent on the desired design of the nail art. Thin brushes are preferred for thin stripes while the shorter ones are the most appropriate for detail painting. The extra-thick brushes are better where the user wants to apply color to the entire nail. For beginners, it is always advisable to purchase a set of brushes that has a variety of brushes as it makes it easier to tryout many designs before finally settling on one.

The pens come in two varieties; there is the felt tip and the two-way pen. For the felt tip, the user has to press down to apply the color. For the two-way, it comes with two sides one having a long brush and the other one having a pointed nib. The two-way pens are the most preferable for thin lines while the felt tip is better for thick lines. There is no standard price for any of the aforementioned nail art supplies as most of them are dependent on the brand. If you opt to go for the quality brands you should always to pay extra albeit with improved results.

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