Nails 101: Tips and Tricks for Making Your French Manicure Stand Out

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French manicure is probably the most popular type of nail art that has ever existed, specifically due to its unique flair that inspires femininity and elegance. Though the classic white-tip manicure is still fashionable today, most women prefer using colorful nail polishes to make their fingernails stand out and look more gorgeous. However, there are still many things you probably do not know about the French nail art – for instance, did you know that you can always ditch the neutral base in favor of clear nail polish? When time is insufficient, this trick can be a lifesaver indeed. Here are our top DIY tips and tricks for making beautiful French nails.

1. Ditch the Old-Fashioned White
When it comes to this type of manicure, the white tip is the most important part of the ensemble. But who says you cannot make your nails look more spectacular and trendy without having to give up the feminine flair inspired by this manicure? Ditch the old-fashioned white and go for a more vibrant, flamboyant color, such as cobalt blue or candy pink. However, you must be extremely careful to the base that you choose. If you went for a cooler shade for the tip, such as blue or green, you can keep the neutral base. On the other hand, opting for warmer colors will leave you with no other option than choosing a clear base.

2. Let the Polish Curve with Your Natural Nail
In French manicure, the white line at the tip of the nail is typically straight, which can make your nails look substantially smaller. To make them appear longer instead, let the nail polish curve with the shape of your natural nail. In other words, paint the tip only to the line where the naturally-white part of your nail meets the neutral one.

3. Clear Polish, Your Lifesaver
Have you ever found yourself in the situation of wanting French nail design so badly, but not having enough time to make it? Defining the tips of your nails with white polish, waiting for it to dry, applying the neutral base, waiting for it to dry as well, and then finishing with top coat – the whole process can take longer than half an hour, and if you want to get a spa feel with massages, nail soaks and exfoliants, this is going to take much longer. Here is our tip: start with the white tip and finish with clear nail polish instead of the neutral base. No matter who you want to color your tip, this trick is always going to work, and since most clear polishes are completely dry in under 5-7 minutes, your manicure will be saved without compromising its look.

4. Silver Nail Polish Does It All
Are you bored of the old-fashioned French nail design with white tip and neutral base? Much to your delight, there are countless options you can choose to make your nails more appealing, and the silver polish is definitely going to be a great thing for you. What about dark blue tips, enhanced with a very thin line of silver nail polish and finished with clear polish? Or perhaps a typical white tip enhanced with a thin line of silver polish, and sheer pink for the base? Whatever design you choose, don’t forget to use silver polish – you will be glad you did.

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