Precautions for Using Gel Nail Polish

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Some of the women who wash their hands numerous times in a day rarely get manicure more than three or four times in a year. They ignore manicures not due to non-availability of a nearby saloon or higher cost of the process but due to lack of time to waste on such things every day as it do not stand more than a day or two in such condition. Most of them use various synthetic options like acrylic nails and gel nail polish to beautify their hands at some special occasion but they may damage their natural nails.

One should use gel based nail polish carefully due to the harmful reaction of the chemicals used in it. Another main point to be considered while using this nail polish is that you also have to undergo various chemical processes while setting or removing it which can be harmful for your health. Brief information in this regard is provided here under for your awareness in this regard.

Reaction of methyl acrylate: Some of the gel based nail polishes can be allergic to your skin as they contain chemicals like methyl acrylate. It can cause rashes on your skin whenever it is applied on it. It can also cause rashes on your eyelids as people unintentionally touch their eyes very frequently throughout the day. Redness, bumpy, itchy and discomfort are some of the symptoms of rashes caused by the chemical in this nail polish which may last till it is not removed from the nails.

Reaction of BHA: Some of these nail polishes contain BHA or butylated hydroxyanisol, a cancer causing chemical, which can develop skin cancer if overexposed to it. So you should read the ingredients of the nail polish before buying it as such harmful chemicals are not included in all of them.

Reaction of UV rays: In order to set or cure gel nail polish ultraviolet light is used every time you apply it on your nails. You will have to expose your nails to ultraviolet light for 5-10 minutes after every few weeks to cure or set your nail polish. This frequent exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer like sunlight. You can prevent this risk by applying a high class sunscreen on the bare parts of your hands and fingers after washing your hands amid the manicure session and wear cotton woven gloves with cut-off finger tips before curing your nail polish every time. You can also reduce the risk of skin cancer by finding a manicurist who uses LED light for curing your gel based nail polish instead of ultraviolet light.

Effect of acetone: Acetone is used to wrap or soak the nails for removing gel based nail polish from the nails. Due to the repeated use of acetone for this purpose, your nails can peel and become brittle as it is a very drying chemical. You can fight out this dryness by massaging a good quality moisturizer several times a day into your nails.

Thus you should use gel nail polish carefully as an alternative to your time consuming and frequent manicures.

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