Process to Create Diamond Nails

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The relation between human and diamond goes to a long back. Most of the people love the dazzling and precious stone and at the same time, love to wear and flaunt it. In fact, wearing diamond is considered as a status symbol.

Things you need for this purpose may include an optional base coat, a transparent nail polish, a shimmer pink nail polish, a golden nail polish, dark blue and black coloured caviar beads and a toothpick. You can create diamond art designs on your nails in a step-by-step process discussed here under.

  • You should start with coating your nails with two coats of base coat as the first step before designing diamonds on them. Now to make the base more opaque you should use two coats of shimmer or white nail polish after drying the base coats. Before moving to the next step you should let the coats dry completely.
  • In the second step of this process you can paint your nails with different colours say five different colours on five nails or two colours – pink and golden to give different colour base to the caviar beads. But you should use light shades for darker beads or dark base for light coloured beads. Now let the nail paint dry before proceeding to the very next step.
  • Now while creating diamond nails you should also keep in the mind that designing them on your nails can be a time consuming and complicated process even if they look very simple. You can draw diamonds on your nails with the help of a nail art brush and paint if you are good at free hand drawing. In this way you can follow the lines with transparent nail polish to add caviar beads to your nails. In other case, you can also create the whole design directly by using caviar beads by using transparent nail paint on one nail at a time. You can make geometric design on your nails to place the beads on the marks. In this way you can easily complete the diamond design on your nails.
  • You can use caviar beads to make different shapes of diamonds on different finger and thumb nails to give a variation. You can arrange them in prism shape on some of your fingers and some other shape of other fingers according to the space available on the nails. Now you should pick the beads with toothpick and place them one by one o your nails in particular order. But you should complete the nails one by one to avoid any mess in the process.
  • Now after completing all the nails you will have to coat a layer of transparent nail polish on them to seal the caviar beads safely on them. The colours of your beads can bleed out after coating transparent nail polish due to their inferior quality. So you should use good quality beads for this purpose.

Thus you can create diamond nails very easily by following the steps discussed in this write-up.


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