Shellac Nails: How to Remove Them Safely At Home

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I hate chipped nails and I am not the type of person who has the liberty of time to change my nail polish every 2 or three days. So, if you are reading this because you are faced with the same dilemma, then cheers! I am writing this material because I am eager to share some methods or brands of nail polishes that will help you achieve the best long lasting polished nails.

Shellac nails and gel nails are two of the hottest trend in the nail industry today. Most nails salons have doubled their income by providing these two services. I have tried both and the results were exemplary. You can do every activity that you do on a daily basis without worrying about chipped nails or without the need of reapplying top coats to maintain the glossy finish. A session of either having a shellac or gel mani would cost you from $20 -$30 dollars. It is relatively inexpensive, but I the next sessions where DIY.

Today, I have preferred shellac nails because I have read articles about the risk involved in constant UV light exposure. I cannot afford to have dead nail beds or worst cancer. So, I have opted for a safer alternative. To achieve perfect salon-like shellac mani, I have checked online for the CND Shellac Nail Kit and I have found one in ebay for about $130 and it already includes the nail oven. Perfect! The kit also includes a base coat and top coat and two nail polish color of your choice. I love my Shellac nails kit.

I have enjoyed my nails, but I have to admit that removing them really takes a while. I have watched a lot of video tutorials hoping to find the best way to remove my shellac nails and through a collaborative input I was able to manage to remove shellac nail polish way easily at home without spending too much.

Here are the things that you need:

5 – 8cotton pads, cut 5 pieces into ΒΌ pieces leaving the three for extra use Pure Acetone , the acetone nail polish remover will not work Kitchen Foil, cut into small squares enough to cover your fingers. Scissors, for cutting Orange Stick Cuticle Moisturizer

How to remove the shellac nail polish?

You would need to soak your cut cotton pads wit acetone. Cover each of your fingers. Once the cotton is placed properly and has covered each of your nails. Wrap each of your fingers with the kitchen foil properly. Make sure all fingers are covered tight enough to let no air pass through. Leave it for 10 minutes. Before completely removing the foil, make sure that you hold the tip of the wrapped finger where the cotton is placed and give it a good twist to shake off the polish. Most of the nail polish would not be removed, but do not fret. You just need to get your orange stick and flake off the excess polish. Remember not to scrape since it is not necessary and will just damage your nails. If there are stubborn particles of nail polish, you can soak your remaining cotton pad with acetone and you just need to rub it to areas that require it. Do the process to all of your nails. Once done, make sure that you moisturize your nails with a good moisturizer and in a few days you are ready for a new nail polish


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