Shellac Nails Polish

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Shellac nail are something that is there to stay to stay in the manicure industry for a very long time. This treatment when applied is known to last for at list a few weeks or for even a month if you don’t mind leaving it on for that period of time. According to its manufacturers, it took about five to six years for this product to be a success. Below are some of the things to know about shellac nails:

1. It’s the healthiest nail bedBefore applying, you should be aware that like other products, the polish is not for everyone. It works best for those with durable nails. If you happen to have damaged cuticles then its best to avoid using this product until you have treated your cuticle problem. The reason for seeking help for your infected cuticles is so to avoid future damage to your cuticles which can worsen during the removal period plus you want the polish to last for long.

2. Lasts for long periods.It’s said to still look good after a month but its best to keep it for about two weeks so as to still have that good look. Its disadvantage is that it can peel off because of its porous form when introduced to pool chemicals and other chemicals a reason as to why you should avoid products like cleaning products among others.

3. Its need home careCompared to traditional nail polish, shellac nails polish needs to be maintained so it can give you long services. It’s said that for it to last longer, you will need to at list apply cuticle oils at list two times in the day so as to allow the polish to penetrate into the nails .The polish Penetrating into the nails is an advantage as the nails will be nourished keeping them healthy under that pretty good looking color.

4. Removal process.This polish can’t be removed like other polishes you have used in the past. For a successful removal, you will need to undergo a special removal process that will protect your nail cuticles. When removing this polish, it’s advised that you visit the salon so as they can sock your nails in a solution of acetone and wrapped for a few minutes. The wrapping is known to use your body heat to peel off the polish successfully from your nails.

5. Its limitationsYes it’s very durable but some of its limitations include:

• Your nails won’t be strengthened as it happens when you apply other nail polish product and

• Second, shellac nails polish won’t lengthen the nails meaning that you should let the nails grow to whatever size you like before opting for this product.

• Lastly, this polish has to be applied at home.

The reason for going to the salon is because after it’s applied, UV lights have to be applied in between the three separate coats of polish for it to be effective. The disadvantage in this point is that no one can purchase the UV lights as they are not sold for home use.Something to note is that shellac is a blend of nail polish and gel and when used, it causes less damage to the nails compared to other traditional products.

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