The Different Pink Nail Designs Available

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Pink nail polish has been there for a long time even before we were born. Most people have been practicing it including kids at home. To add on the bold new colors, the nail art encompasses many techniques, tools, accessories as well as looks. This includes glitter, animal prints and rhinestones. Whether you decide for a professional manicure or if you are just looking for DIY ideas, the best pink nail designs are unique and attractive without being tacky. The following are some of the best pink nail designs available and thus you may try them.


Reverse French Manicure

The design is basically a classic nail design look which has been there for many years. The pale pink nails are painted using a thin-to-thick strip consisting of white color at the upper of the nail. This design is effectively the picture negative the French. It is worth noting that the half cuticle bed usually at the bottom of the your nail is normally painted using curved strips in the contrasting colors to the nail adding to the upper strip in this style. Contrasting colors are used for a more modernized twist. It is easier to apply the reverse French. To ensure an even application of this design, stick the circular hole-punch stickers to the bottom of your nail prior applying it in the nail color.


Animal Prints

The zebra and leopard print nail design can be applied easily and successfully at salon or even at home. For a professional manicure, you can ask a nail technician for ideas and samples. You may change a little the normal zebra and leopard colors in order to have a unique take on this design. If you are doing it at home, apply the base coat in brown color for leopard and white for zebra. Paint the stripes or spots on top with a nail polish or striper brush pen for increased precision.


Gel Impressions

The gel impression technique is the best out of all designs and is mostly done by the experts. With this great method of pink nail design, the base coat is usually applied in a sheer color or glitter. The gel polish is applied on the base coat and then the design is usually cut out in this gel polish prior it sets. This helps to show the glitzy basecoat that is underneath.


Sequins, Studs, Pearls and Rhinestones

With the use of the nail adhesive readily available from any nail salon or in the local drugstore, one can apply pearls, sequins, rhinestones as well as studs in order to have a new look for your nails. However, all these appliqu├ęs should be the last ones to be applied on the painted nails. All you are required to do is ensure that you have enough drying time so that they will not get dislodged or disrupt your new and neat nails.


In conclusion, the above are some of the available pink nail designs that you can have applied on your nails. You can just try any of the above designs and surely you will like it.

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