Top Nail Designs of Spring 2015

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Time flies by so fast and spring season is just around the corner once again. Featured collections from the Spring and Summer 2015 Runway makes us wish for winter to end soon. As for nails, it is everything about fun twists with some of the classic designs and delicate patterns. Below is a preview of this year’s spring nail designs.


Monotone Print Manicures

Monochromes give off subtle yet an elegant illusion to the appearance of your nails. This is basically done by sticking to one color and creating a variety in the design of your choice preferably statement items like lipstick, heels or bags. If you want beautiful patterns, this could be done by using nail art brushes and a dotting tool. Beginners usually just prefer putting on stick-ons that is hassle-free and would not take much skill. The good thing about this type of manicure is that beautiful designs and ideas are endless. If you opt for a light color, peaches and soft pinkish nudes is a wonderful choice. Just don’t forget to top it off with a coat to make it sparkle and shine.

Reverse French Manicures

This design has been made popular in the mid 30’s and 40’s and lately, its taken back a full swing. Known as the reverse french or half moon manicure, it looks kind of intimidating but they are actually quite simple to do. Just apply a base color and wait til it dries completely. As soon as it does, get a paper-reinforcement sticker and carefully put it at the base of the nail (just make adjustments if you prefer thick or thin half moon shapes). Remove excess glue by gently patting on your skin if the adhesive side is sticky. After you have done all the steps, apply a different color. Remove sticker and let dry. Seal it with a top coat and voila! – a reverse french manicure.

Chartreuse Nails

Chartreuse is an interesting color – a greenish yellow, that gives off a warm vibe to the eye making it a perfect spring color. The color may vary by the finish of the polish.

Two-Toned Colors

If you want to experiment in vivid and bold colors, try the two-toned retro-ish nail design. This is really simple. Just replace regular french color with contrasting shades such as orange and blue and your nails will be set when you and your friends go clubbing.

Ombre Manicures
This specific nail design has taken the world by storm. A lot of people enjoy having a gradient illusion to their nails and this is done using a simple procedure: first off, apply your chosen base color and let it dry. Get a sponge and then dip it on a different shade may it be lighter or darker. Stipple it in the mid section of your nail. Do this til you cover the tip. Next step is either use the same color or a lighter or bolder one and stipple towards the end of the nail. Apply a coat of polish that has glitter on it for a more glamorous look and seal it with the top coat. Now you’re all set for a day in the sun with one of the most popular of all spring nail designs!

These spring nail designs definitely make you wish for warmer seasons to be back sooner. Stock up on those bubbly bright shades and i guarantee you, you will be have a smooth-sailing fun spring time!

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