Useful Nail Art Tutorial

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You do not have to be a nail art professional to churn out some breathtaking nail art designs. With an imaginative mind and the right tools, you can go far. Looking good is an art and it does not hurt to learn a trick or two. For those who have always thought that nail art is hard and time consuming, nothing can be further from the truth; it is a simple and interesting process and there is always a room to make it perfect. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced hand, the following tutorial should leave you more informed.

Steady hands

The best nail art designs are often carried out with steady hands. However, this is not a precondition. To get past this hiccup, if you have unsteady hands, you can use a number of options at your exposure. For instance, instead of using thick brushes you can go for thin brushes with a longer handle. A longer handle often gives an individual more control. You can also use nail stickers and splatter nails until you can finally muster enough expertise to give you nails a more professional finish. It is also crucial that you understand the importance of applying a basecoat and a top coat. It is crucial that these two coats dry adequately to avoid messing up the final outcome.

Clean nails

The trick to amazing results when it comes to nail art is to do it on clean nails. Clean the nails and remover all traces of previous polish using a polish remover. This helps get rid of any stubborn oil making the design to last for long. You can also buff the nails using a foam buffer so as to give the nails a smooth surface. Use a nail file to give the nails a sharp and elegant edge.

Starter designs

As a beginner, it is important to stick to what you can handle. Some of the nail art designs you see around require experienced hand. Unless you have a professional assisting you in the first steps, you should try simple designs. For instance, a heart is easy to draw and you can do it even with the most basic skills. All you need is to two dots next to each other then draw a V to connect the dots and shape it like a heart. For more complicated designs you are advised to use stickers and to stick to the colors you are comfortable with.

One nail at a time

As a novice, you cannot afford to gamble with your nails and your polish. Also polish comes in cheap, it is always advisable to be frugal. Remember you are still learning and hence it is more prudent to practice with one nail at a time. You should have your polish remover ready just in case you need to start all over again. Most of the ladies that get it wrong when it comes to nail art do so because of impatience and unsteady hands. While the remedy for unsteady hands has already been mentioned, patience has to be cultivated. The beauty of this task is that it is done one step at a time and there are endless opportunities to learn and improve. Some experts often say that you have twenty nails to try on and by the time you are done you should have learnt a lot. The most important thing to understand is that there are specific tools and skills needed for every design. If you have the right brushes and colors, it is easy to create these designs. For the rest of the steps, this nail art tutorial and others should get you started.

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