What You Need to Know About Nail Stamping Technique

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Nail stamping is a technique that is used for decorating your nails with a number of designs. It is a unique art form which allows you to choose from thousands of plated designs and customised designs to improve the looks of your nails as well as your entire personality just for fun or for some special occasion.

This form of nail art allows you to embellish each and every nail with different and even with several designs on each nail instead of painting the nails with one colour as done in traditional way till now. So this technique allows you to stamp same design in different colours or different designs in various colours only on a single nail. You can also enhance the beauty of your nails by beautifying them with a combination of techniques including fixing rhinestones on the top coat of plain colour on the nails. The other techniques used for this purpose may include taping, dotting, home made nail decals and sponging. But while choosing colours for nail stamping you should keep in mind that contrast colours can decorate them more attractively instead of choosing the combination of light colours.

Equipment required for stamping nails

A stamp, an image plate and a scraper include the equipment required to perform this nail art. You can buy them from any online or offline store dealing in art equipment and accessories of different brands. You should buy standard equipment kit from popular brands to get better results from the very start if you are new to this art form. This kit must include a stamp, one image plate, polish and a scraper so that you need not waste time in search of any important thing.

Using the equipment

Image plate: While starting to use nail stamping kit you should check the image plate as sometimes it is wrapped with a piece of plastic or coated on the back to protect them from the sharp edges of the scraper during transit. You should remove this coating or piece of plastic before using the image plates.

Scraper: Moreover two types of scrapers are used for this nail art, plastic and metal. Some people prefer to use plastic scraper as metal scraper can create scratches on the image plate. Though the use of metal scraper does not affect the image but damages the looks of the plate.

Polish: Certain nail polishes are also recommended by the suppliers to use on the stamping to maintain their consistency for long time. So if you are new to nail art then you can use nail polishes specially made for this purpose to retain them for long. Though one coat of a normal polish with excellent coverage can be a good choice for this purpose but you can also use holographic and metallic polishes instead of glitters for enhancing the looks of your nail stamping. In order to be sure about the suitability of a polish with your stamping design you can test it on a paper.

Thus with nail stamping you can enhance the beauty of your hands along with your overall personality.


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