Why Do Women Prefer Gel Nails Over Acrylics? Top 5 Reasons

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Gel nails have always been one of the most popular semi-permanent nail enhancements available, enabling women to successfully make their manicure look more attractive and avoid inconveniences caused by chips or cracked nails. Though acrylics are still a tough competitor, there are several reasons why women go for gel nails with designs instead – beyond their flexibility and durability, this type of nail extensions are not likely to cause water moles, and they look much more natural. So why is this type of nail enhancements so popular? Find out the reasons below.

They Look More Natural
One of the primary benefits of gel nails is their natural look. To apply them, your manicurist will use a special base coat on your nails to create a natural and healthy look that does not give away any falsity. Furthermore, since no artificial nail pieces or other elements are needed, your gel-based nails are going to be versatile with our without nail polish. Once you have them applied, you will be free to create beautiful nail designs for gel nails at home using top-notch gel polish.

They Strengthen and Condition Natural Nails
One of the primary reasons why many women ditch acrylics in favor of gel nails is their ability to strengthen and condition natural nails. To have acrylics applied, your nails need to be buffed and filled in, which will prevent them from growing healthily. On the other hand, gel-based nails do not need such a treatment, thus enabling your natural nails to grow and become much stronger over time.

Hundreds of Color Options Available
Though most regular nail polishes work quite good with this type of nails, companies like Gelish and Lomasi have created countless shades that can be used to achieve a gorgeous look. As such, you will be able to browse through a very wide range of colors and pick the best for your tastes, so you can get wonderful gel nails with designs that will improve the appearance of your manicure substantially. If you are planning to get creative with the designs, you can inspire yourself from a variety of gel nails designs ideas available all over the Internet and watch various how-to videos that will guide you through each step, letting you make the most of your manicure.

They Can Be Easily Removed
One particular aspect women love about gel manicure is the fact that this nail enhancement can be easily removed at any point. Thankfully, this can be done either at a salon or at home by submersing your nails in gel nail polish remover for a few minutes, then gently scrap the gel using a nail stick. The process is quick and painless, which will make your experience definitely more enjoyable.

They Work with Both Regular and Gel Nail Polish
When you decide to go to a salon to get gel-based nails, the manicurist/technician will first apply a special base coat that creates the gel effect. One the special base coat is cured, polish can be put on. The best part is that gel nails work perfectly with both regular and special gel nail polish, which will permit you to create the best gel nails design each and every time.

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